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Riva Fashion is the house of fashion in the Arab world because of its services for selling clothing and accessories that keep pace with the latest fashion for all four seasons. In addition to being the house of fashion, Riva Fashion Store provides Riva discount code so that customers can buy clothes and accessories at discounted prices.
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Riva Fashion Coupon 


And to attract more customers, Riva Fashion store provides clothing and fashion items at special prices that can compete with other stores, in addition to the ability of using the active Riva Fashion Coupon, which can provide many discounts from the original value of the products that you can find at Riva Fashion Store Online website. 


All the customer has to do is to choose the product he wants to get and buy, then add it to the shopping cart to start completing the purchase of the product and activate the Riva discount code the store discounts a huge amount of the product. 


Use Riva Fashion coupon to get a special discount now!


Information About Riva Fashion Store 


Riva Fashion store is one of the oldest brands in the Arab markets, especially in the field of fashion, which has always developed and provided the best performance throughout its career in the Arab markets. Riva Fashion is owned by the Armada Group, which was founded by the famous Al-Tahhan family.


To start the Armada name in the market with one store only that was also specialized in fashion products, clothes and accessories, that helped in establishing the name of Armada Group in the market as well as the experience in the fashion and accessories market that appeared strongly in Riva Fashion store. 


Armada Group has expanded on a large scale to own more than 15 brands, one of them is Riva Fashion, represented by 140 stores in many sectors.


And all of that helped in nothing but pushing the name of Riva Fashion to more experience in fashion field, gained over decades from the Armada group, as Armada was established in 1973, after which it led to many successes that appeared throughout its service period, and the Riva store relied on some of the main pillars of success, one of them is providing Riva discount code for all customers who are looking for the latest clothing releases and fashion items. 


When And Where Was Riva Fashion Store First Established?


Riva Fashion has started taking its first steps back in 1997, targeting mainly the Women who are from 18 to 45 years old and offering them the latest fashion and clothes in the market, and due to the huge experience of those in charge of Riva Fashion they seek to have the first to obtain products exclusively in its branches only and on the online website. 


Riva Fashion store’s main goal and concern is providing comfort for all of its customers, as it works on providing comfortable clothes during its service period of 23 years. 


Riva Fashion store  has 60 branches in different 6 countries and looks forward to development and expansion to more than that. 


Riva Fashion store provides clothes that are luxurious and with the Paris style, all of the closets are woven from the finest materials of fabrics, and the style is mixed with preserving the traditions of oriental women to reach the highest levels of elegance that can be presented to fashion followers in the Arab world.


What Are The Available Sections At Riva Fashion Store?


Riva Fashion store provides many sections so that make it a can cover the largest range of fashion taste for all customers, and here are some of the available sections at Riva Fashion Store: 


Clothes Section: This section offers a wide range of the most luxurious clothes releases of women.Use Riva discount code to get a huge discount on all items now.



Shopping by Occasion Section: Through this section, the customer can shop according to the occasion under which this type of clothing falls, which you can buy at a special discount with the effective Riva Fashion coupon on our website.



The Hijab Section: This section provides many veiled clothes and keeps pace with the latest fashion trends in the world of hijab. 



Shoes Section: This section presents the shoes items that have been admired by many around the world and are exclusive to Riva Fashion Store. With Riva Fashion discount code you can get 40% off now.



Accessories and Bags Section: The section has a collection of the best accessories and bags.



Brands Section: Through this section, you can shop by selecting the brand that you prefer. You can also use Riva Coupon that you can find on our website to get discounts for the most famous international brands.



Fashion Section: This section provides a way to shop through the latest fashion trends in the world. You can get the latest trends at discounted prices, only if you use the Riva discount code that you can find easily  on our website Coupon5sm


These are the sections that include the products that every Arab woman is looking for and that preserve the right of oriental women to keep pace with the fashion trends.




Riva Fashion Store Features 


Riva Fashion has many amazing features that made it one of the major names in the Arab fashion market and for veiled women as well. And some of these features are:


  • An easy-to-use website that can save a lot of effort on the browser to access the product it wants.
  • Shipping time is the fastest among fashion and clothing stores in the Arab world.
  • Riva Fashion contracts with the two most famous shipping companies in the Middle East, Aramex and FedEx.
  • The customer has the ability to keep track of their product and the status of his order.
  • The store provides cash on delivery service, which attracts more customers through this safe and easy method.
  • The payment methods offered by Riva Fashion are the most popular among customers.
  • You can follow the latest updates of the store through its social media platforms: Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
  • The store has a Riva Fashion application through which the customer can have a quick, easy and convenient shopping process.
  • The store’s customer service is unique at providing the best technical support to the customer.
  • The store accepts payment in six international currencies: Kuwaiti Dinar, Saudi Riyal, UAE Dirham, Qatari Riyal, Bahraini Dinar, and finally the US dollar for international shopping.
  • The store has easy to use return policies that preserve the customer’s right to return products to the store.
  • Discount codes can be used to get extra discounts.
  • The Riva Fashion discount code can be easily found on Coupon5sm website. 


These are the features that make Riva Fashion one of the most famous fashion houses for veiled and unveiled women in the Arab world.


Riva Fashion Application 


As one of the factors of development and expansion and being updated to the latest technology, Riva Fashion Store has introduced a smartphone application called Riva Fashion to make it easier for the customer  who is looking for the latest trends of the new season in the field of fashion and clothing.


Download the Riva Fashion Application for Android


Download Riva Fashion Application for iPhone



Payment And Fees In Riva Fashion Store


What are the available payment methods at Riva Fashion store?


All online stores must provide a secure and flexible payment method in which all customers can pay for the products they buy from the store. And here is the available payment methods at Riva Fashion store:


  • Payment by MADA.
  • Payment by Visa.
  • Payment by MasterCard.
  • Payment by American Express.
  • Pay in cash upon receiving. 


What Is The Shipping Policy At Riva Fashion? 


Riva Fashion store deals with the best shipping companies in the Arab world. If the customer uses cash on delivery, the store will use Aramex to ship those products. If the customer pays through credit cards, the product will be shipped by FedEx.


What Is The Delivery Time At Riva Fashion?


The delivery time  can range from 4 to 7 working days in the case the cash on delivery payment method was chosen. 


However, in the case of prepayment via credit cards, the shipment will be made within 3 to 4 working days.


How can I track an order in Riva Fashion?

You can track your order from the online website of Riva fashion, by visiting the existing order tracking page or through the application.


Return and exchange products at Riva Fashion Store


What is the return and exchange policy at Riva Fashion?


The customer can return the products or the items completely free of charge and without paying any fees, and this process can take from one to two working days. 


As for returning the paid amount, when paying through credit cards, the amount will be returned to the bank account. As for payment upon receipt, the amount will be returned in the form of a Riva Fashion Coupon, that you can use while purchasing orders from the Riva Fashion store one more time.


As for the period that the store leaves for the customer to submit a return request it is 14 days from the date of receiving the product, bearing in mind that the product must be in its original condition. 


This applies to clothing only and cannot be applied to perfumes and cosmetics, as the previous products cannot be returned, Riva Fashion Store also provides the service of exchanging the product in a different color or a different size only from Riva Fashion’s own branch within 14 days.


How To Contact Riva Fashion Store Customer Service? 


Customer service can be contacted through the different ways that the store provides, and these ways are: 


  • Contact via phone number: 9718007482
  • Contact via WhatsApp: 96522216688
  • The private live chat at the Riva Fashion store website. 
  • Visit the nearest Riva Fashion branches.


Riva Fashion Store’s Most Famous Discount Codes 


Riva Discount Code


Active Riva discount codes are now available on our amazing website, Coupon5sm, which provides you with all the effective coupons you are looking for.  To help you get a great discount while buying from Riva Fashion store online. 


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Riva Fashion Coupon 


Riva Fashion Coupon provides you with a discount of 80% now on all products, buy the latest trends from the online website and enjoy the huge discounts on all items. 


Use the Riva Fashion Coupon Code 2021 to be able to get the strongest exclusive offers that the store offers to users now.




How To Get Riva Fashion Coupon Code:


  • Visit Coupn5sm Website, where you can get  the discount coupons that are effective.
  • Search for “Riva Fashion” store on our website.
  • You will find many discount codes, copy the ones that suit you best.
  • You will automatically be directed to the official page of the store.
  • You can shop through the home page or through the application.
  • Add the products you wish to purchase in the cart.
  • Use the Riva Fashion coupon code to get a great discount.
  • Enter the important information correctly in order for the product to reach you successfully.


Frequently Asked Questions About Riva Fashion Store 


Question: How long does it take the store to ship the product to the customer?

Answer: If the customer chooses to pay in cash upon receiving the item, shipping the product will take from 4 to 7 days, but in the case of payment via credit cards, it will take 3 to 4 business days to ship the product.


Question: What is the available time period set by Riva Fashion to return or exchange products?

Answer: The product can be returned in no more than 14 days from the date of receiving the product.


Question: What are the shipping companies that Riva Fashion contracts with?

Answer: Riva Fashion contracts with two of the most famous shipping companies in the Arab world, Aramex and FedEx.


Question: How can I get a discount when buying from Riva Fashion?

Answer: A discount can be obtained by using the Riva Fashion discount code available on Coupon5sm website.