Sivvi Coupon Code 2021 (FSHN)

Sivvi Store is one of the largest online shopping stores. This store provides products from different and varied categories, as it provides everything that is fashionable and all that is new, whether for men or women, from the most famous international brands at the cheapest prices through the very special Sivvi Coupon Code, all of that with excellent service and fast delivery. The site provides us with a Sivvi Coupon Code that contains many discounts and offers for users to order products at special prices.
Discount 30%
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Sivvi Coupon 30% On All Products – Limited Time

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Discount coupon details from Sivvi :

Details of the Sivvi discount coupon:
Sivvi discount code 30% on all products Sivvi discount code 30% on all products of the site, when you log in for the first time in the store, you will get a 30% discount code on the value of your purchases, as the sivvi store provides you with the best products of accessories, ready-made clothes and cosmetics And fashion, clothes and sports shoes from the most famous international brands such as, Adidas and Nike

Discount 25%
Code No Expires

Sivvi Code Exclusive For All Customers 25%

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Discount coupon details from Sivvi :

Details of the Sivvi discount coupon:

This code provides a 25% discount on the order price.
You can buy various fashion and shoes from the store at an effective discount through this code.
This code works for different users within Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
This code offers a discount on all products except beauty products.
One customer can use this code more than once to get discounts.

Sivvi Code store provides many discounts on the price of the products, and in addition to that, it also provides the famous Sivvi code that provides the user with the products at the lowest prices and the best purchase offers ever. You can enjoy shopping and you can get all the products at special discounts.


When you use the Sivvi Code, you will get huge discounts, sometimes up to 60%, and the store provides the latest fashion from the largest famous international brands, which means guaranteed shopping at a reduced price and great discounts of up to 75% when buying from Sivvi store.


You can shop now from Sivvi store and get huge purchase discounts with the Sivvi Promo Code, which you can find on our website, COUPON5SM, in a renewed and effective situation. The store also offers many promotional codes that enable you to buy with huge discounts.


Information about Sivvi Store


Sivvi store is one of the most famous stores that is strongly emerging in the field of fashion. The store offers real value in everything related to fashion and is an easy site to browse because there are many clear options available on it, and it also includes a group of very distinctive designs from the best international fashion. broke the record in terms of shipping and delivery services in the Middle East, the user enjoys a great shopping experience and completes the shopping process in simple steps, with a Sivvi coupon code you can get endless offers. You can find Sivvi Coupon code is our website.


Sivvi website contains youth fashion for men and women and many modern and contemporary models that attract many consumers through what it provides of international products such as skin care products, accessories, shoes, or sports supplies and among the most famous international brands on the site “Nike – Lash Dubai – Mango – Quiz State 8″.


Sivvi store offers very special collections of the best high-end fashion belonging to international designers and famous international brands. 


This unique store includes a very distinctive collection of the best modern fashion, through which you can appear elegant and attractive, for a special purchase discount, use the wonderful Sivvi Coupon code.


When Was Sivvi Store Established?


Sivvi Store was launched in 2014 in the Middle East region by Rashid Al Abbar, son of the great Emirati businessman Mohammed Al Abbar, owner of the well-known Noon Store.


Noon’s acquisition of Sivvi Store:

Noon store acquired Sivvi Store in April of 2019, the deal in which the yellow giant Noon acquired Sivvi took place in complete silence and its value has not been announced to this day.


Sivvi Store Sections

Sivvi Store offers us a huge division of products, as the site is divided into three sections, and each section contains many different categories:


Women’s Fashion Department: It is a section that provides women with all the elements that make their appearance elegant and have a beautiful luster, such as different types of clothes that are used for different purposes such as swimwear and sportswear. 


And all the cosmetics that are used in the appearance of women in an excellent body and beauty, and the store also offers women a bouquet of the best accessories that add the final touch to the beauty of women.



Men’s Fashion Department: This section provides men with all their purposes, such as clothes and shoes of various kinds, such as classic and sports shoes. The store also offers a range of multiple bags such as backpacks and handbags also made of the finest materials, in addition to all skincare products for Men, the store also offers men all the sporting goods and supplies that men need during their exercise.



Children’s Section: The section serves both girls and boys categories of children and provides all their needs and all the tools that the mother uses to take care of them. Make sure to use the Sivvi promo code when purchasing to get an instant and special discount.


These are the sections of the site and each section contains many categories with many wonderful products, and do not forget to use the Sivvi discount code when paying to save your money.




What are the most famous brands in Sivvi store?


In the wonderful Sivvi store, there is a wonderful set of the best international fashion and very special modern trends that belong to international brands and are found at low prices for all users through the Sivvi coupon code, which is available on our website. And here are the most important brands in Sivvi store.


  • Anne Klein
  • Camel
  • Alice Skolon
  • Jordanian
  • Armani Exchange
  • aria
  • Alfred Song
  • Anta 
  • ALDO
  • adidas
  • Anaqa 
  • Amanty Store Features:


  • Sivvi Store provides products in a simple way that makes the shopping process easy and the customer can navigate the sections of the site with ease. 
  •  At the top of the site’s home page, there is a list of the store’s sections, which are “a section for men – a section for women – a section for children”.
  • You can also search for the product you want via the “search-box” on the home page.
  • The store provides us with ease of shipping and delivery, the shipping cost is fixed, which is $30.
  • As for the method of registering on the site, it is done with ease, by entering the Sivvicom store and clicking on the word “Register” and then writing your data, thus the registration process will be completed and you will be able to shop with ease.
  • In addition, the store offers a lot of discounts on most of the items displayed on its platform, such as the effective Sivvi discount code on all products.
  • The customer can get additional discounts by entering a Sivi Coupon Code when completing the purchase from the store.


Payment And Fees in Store:

What are the payment methods available in the Sivvi com store?

Multiple payment methods in Sivvicom store, where the site provides us with payment either through:


  • Payment by Visa.
  • Payment by American Express.
  • Payment via PayPal account.
  • Payment by MasterCard.
  • Cash Payment Upon receiving.


Is Sivvi store safe to use my credit card?


Yes, the Sivvi store provides you with a very wonderful shopping experience that is characterized by being safe and easy, in addition to having distinctive policies that facilitate the purchase and refund process.




Shipping And Delivery In store:


What is the shipping and delivery period in Sivvi Store?

The product is delivered to your doorstep in no more than 3 hours and at most on the same day of completing the purchase.


Does Sivvi store offer free shipping?

Yes, you can get free shipping in the United Arab Emirates for all orders, while you can get free shipping in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when purchasing products worth more than 100 Saudi riyals, and you can also get a special purchase discount when using the Sivvi discount code.


What is the cost of shipping and delivery inside the Sivvi com store?

The store offers us a special delivery service of 9 Saudi riyals for products worth less than 100 Saudi riyals, of course, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


What countries does Sivvi store ship to?

Sivvi Store provides shipping services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.


Can I track my order in Sivvi Store?

Yes, you can track your order by communicating with the shipping company “Noon Express” by means of the message that you receive upon completion of the order, and you can also get an excellent purchase offer through the Sivvi voucher.


Return and Exchange of Products in Sivvi store:



Is it possible to return and exchange products in the Sivvi store?

Yes, you can return the products you have purchased within a period not exceeding 15 days from the date of purchase.


What are the conditions for returning products in the Sivvi store?


  • You can return or exchange the product within five days from the date of receiving the product, but there are conditions for doing so:


  • You cannot return or exchange swimwear, cosmetics, tattoos, or products that have been hermetically sealed if someone has opened them.


  • Products should not be used and must be in their original packaging with their own labels and invoice.


How do I get my money back in Sivvi Store?


When the process of returning the product is successful, we have two options:


Get the amount of the product returned after the site deducts the shipping fees and costs.

To get a discount voucher for the same value as the returned products and to place a new order.

The amount will be returned according to the payment method you chose when purchasing:


1- When paying by credit card:

The amount will be returned to the card you used when making the payment, within 20 days of returning the order.


A special discount voucher code will be sent to order another order.


2- When paying via PayPal:

The amount will be returned to your Paypal account within 20 days of customer service confirming the return of the product.


Sivvicom will send you a discount voucher code to place a new order.


Sivvi store customer service and how to contact them:

You can contact the store in several ways:


  • Via e-mail:
  • Through the phone number 011-829-7574
  • Via Help Center

These are all the ways in which the customer can communicate with the store in a direct way to get solutions to the problems he is facing, use the Sivvi discount code to get an effective and instant discount.


Types of Sivvi com Discount Codes

Sivvi Copoun Code


Sivvi coupon code provides a discount of up to 30% on some products inside the store. This coupon is intended for women, especially in the clothing section, where the best categories within the women’s fashion section and the best brands at the lowest possible prices can be obtained through the Sivvi coupon code. Get now dresses, sweaters, T-shirts, pants, and many more From distinctive women’s fashion through the store at discounted prices through this Sivvi coupon code.


Sivvi Code 

The store provides male users with discounts as well as for women, through the Sivvi code, which provides huge discounts on the prices of all products in the men’s section, such as modern and fashionable clothes, shoes of the highest materials, men’s accessories, and many men’s care products Like perfumes and hair and facial care products, this sivvi code is special because it provides men with the opportunity to get any product at a reduced price, get now a Sivvi code coupon and enjoy the largest discount from Sivvi.


Sivvi Promo Code

The Sivvi store works to provide everything that makes the customer satisfied with the store through the discounts that are made through Sivvi promo codes, so the store provides us with a Sivvi promo code and this code is intended for all products available in the children’s section. 


The store has a special section for boys and a special section for girls and contains Each section contains the latest clothing collection and the best shoes that give children complete elegance and contains school bags, various types of bags and various accessories for children, get now a discount estimated at a quarter of the order price through a 25% SIVVI promo code.


Sivvi Discount Code 50 Riyals

This code works within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where 50 riyals are deducted from the price of the entire order, and this coupon is effective on all products such as clothes, shoes, accessories of all kinds, and bags.


It is not limited to one of the three main sections but is activated on the men’s section, the women’s section, and the children’s section, Now use the SIVVI discount code of 50 riyals, as it is one of the best codes available in the Kingdom.


Sivvi Offers 

We also know that the store provides a code for users inside Saudi Arabia and now it also provides a code for users inside the United Arab Emirates, which is a SIVVI discount code that provides up to 20% of the value of the products, and this code is effective on all products in the store.


Sivvi Discount Code

This Sivvi discount code is considered one of the most searched for by shoe users and lovers of looking in the best shape and in full elegance, as Sivvi discount code gives us a great 15% discount on the price of all shoes in the store “for men – women – children”, it is activated on any shoes in Store, now use the Sivvi discount code to get a great discount.




How To Buy from Sivvi Store? 

As for the method of purchasing from the Sivvi com store, it is very simple and shopping is done in easy steps that we will learn about now.


  • You have to enter the store, roam well, search for the product you want, and when you find the product, you have to click on it.
  • After that, select the appropriate size and required quantity, and then click on “Add to Shopping Bag.”
  • After you add the product you want to buy to the shopping bag, click on “Proceed to checkout”.
  • You then have to choose how you want to pay.
  •  The last step is to click on the word “Order Now.”


With these simple steps, you can shop and order the product you want to buy.




How to use the Sivvi discount code and purchase:


  • After entering the discount coupon site, click on the Sivvi store in order to go to the section dedicated to the store within the site.
  • After that, you will find many coupons provided by the site, choose the coupon you want and press “Copy Coupon”.
  • You will automatically go to the store, where there are many sections and you can log in and you can choose the country you want.
  • You can log in, and then you can enter any of the sections in the store and you will find many products.
  • After selecting the product, it will be added to your shopping bag, you have to click on “View Bag”.
  • After that, you must review all the product details and information, then click on “Continue to the Payment Process”.
  • You have to paste the code that you copied from the discount coupon site, then click on “Use” in order to get the biggest discounts on the product.
  • After that, you will find the value of the discount you got, and therefore we click on “Make an order” to complete the purchase.


Frequently asked questions about Sivvi discount code



Question: Does Sivvi store offer original products?

Answer: Yes, Sivvi store offers its guaranteed products from various world-famous brands, such as Adidas, Nike, Iconic, Tommy Hilfiger, New Balance, and other major brands.


Question: Does Sivvi store provide free shipping?

Answer: Yes, but if the total value of the order reaches the minimum free shipping limit of 100 SAR or 100 AED


Question: What countries does the Sivvi store ship to?

Answer: Sivvi Store ships to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.


Question: What is the shipping and delivery time for the order in the Sivvi store?

Answer: Sivvi store delivers the order within the UAE within 4 working days, and the store delivers within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia within 4 to 9 working days


Question: When will Sivvi store return my money?

Answer: Sivvi store will return your money within 30 days from the date of returning the product to them, and the method of returning your money varies according to the payment method you used.

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How to buy from Sivvi by Video

 How to buy from Sivvi by Video