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Application features

More than 998 Stores

effective coupons “100%” for more than 998 Stores in the App

More than 300K users monthly

A large base of customers trusts our services of providing the best offers and discounts.

Simple design

Coupon5sm app has an easy design to help you reach offers and coupons quickly

Daily offers

The app has an extensive list of daily offers from the largest stores.

Updated Coupon codes

All coupon codes are updated around the clock to help you for more saving.

Notifications for you

For a matchless shopping experience, the customer will be notified of the offers and discounts of what he is interested.

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Users reviews

Awesome and fantastic application

Terry R. Skinner


It's a great app and I advise everyone to use it to get real and effective coupons for all online stores ❤️

Dale S. Morgan


Great app I've been using for weeks and it really helped me save a lot of money❤❤

Matthew R. Lehmann


Most frequently asked questions

You can benefit from the application by downloading it only, browsing the largest stores and the latest codes available for these stores daily, and following up on the notifications that the application sends to all customers from different countries.

Yes, the application works in various Arab countries, where you can benefit from the application and the codes available daily within many countries, the most important of which are (Saudi Arabia - UAE - Egypt - Kuwait - Bahrain - Qatar - Sultanate of Oman).

About Coupon5sm App

As we are witnessing at the current time, There is massive competition among electronic applications and discount apps in the world of online shopping. There are too many apps that help you to find what you need easily and quickly. The customer always looks for saving money as saving time and effort. So the general direction is going to coupons application.

And one of the most essential coupon code apps that should be mentioned on top of the coupon apps is the “Coupon5sm” app.
Coupon5sm App is your first destination and choice to save your money during online shopping.

Nowadays, online shopping has become a breakthrough in this world. Everyone needs many items in daily life, such as food, furniture, electronic devices and fashion products. These items may cost too much and consume time and effort. So everyone can obtain all their needs easily, quickly and at the lowest price when using a coupon app.

Coupon5sm App is one of the most famous coupon apps that provides some facilities to its users to help them get the best online shopping experience. It offers many types of coupon codes for a vast number of stores around the world that have everyone’s needs.

The promo codes app designers did their best to make it easy to use. It has a simple interface that anyone can use. The app supports Arabic and English, and all Arab countries can install it and obtain a discount app.

Free download Coupon5sm App via Link

There are several merits of installing Discount apps such as coupon5sm app, the app is small-sized, so it doesn’t need a massive space on your phone. Also, you don’t need to uninstall other apps to download them. The discount code app has a high downloading speed for easy browsing.

Coupon5sm App distinguishes itself with its large number of discount codes, variety of offers, and its matchless prices that satisfy the customer while shopping. You can find offers and discounts inside all stores. All these features make the coupon5sm app one of the most prominent Discounts code apps in the middle east.

The promo code app “coupon5sm” aims to provide excellent service and a commendable experience. It is famous for its sincerity in building a huge customer base with long-term relationships at all levels and fields. When any error occurs in the request or offer, they can be contacted via the email or phone number included in the offer or send a special email summarizing the problem, which will be solved immediately.

Features of Coupon5sm App

  • Providing several kinds of coupon codes.
  • There are a considerable number of discount codes that are exclusive and renewed.
  • They are sending notifications related to new offers and coupons or favourite stores.
  • If you are interested in particular store products, the voucher code app “copon5sm” will send you all new offers and discounts related to that store.
  • Ability to browse store coupon codes easily and quickly.
  • The store has a high download speed to help you quickly move from one page to another.
  • Ability to choose among coupon codes according to the store categorization.
  • The “cupon5sm” team has explained each store’s category, how to sign up on the store’s website, make an order and use the application for the coupon.
  • Easy filter to choose what your applicable coupon code is.
  • The coupon app helps you to choose your product and recommend the best items to buy, so the coupon code choice is based on this.
  • Facility to add a store or coupon code to favourites to be accessible anytime.
  • Ability to share coupon codes with your family and friends.
    Availability to choose only your country’s offers and discount code.
  • The discount app “coupon5sm” is available in both Arabic and English.
    The promo codes apps are not limited to one language, and it supports English to be accessible and usable by everyone.

Features Presentation of Coupon5sm

The discount app is an excellent way to save money, and you can get exclusive and renewed offers and discounts directly on your mobile. Also, you can brain voucher codes and use them while purchasing.
Due to the widespread online shopping, all well-known brands have their own websites, which encourage people to shop online without needing to visit the store. Hence the coupon apps idea was started.

All online stores seek to satisfy customers, so they make deals to provide more offers and discounts through the Discount app.

How to sign up for Coupon5sm App?

firstly, you should install the coupon5sm app on your phone.
After installation, the app, choose the language of the app.
Also, you should chase your country to get the nearest offers and discounts related to your location.
Afterwards, select your favourite stores to get notified of related offers and discounts.
You will find different categories inside the app, such as travel, tourism, fashion, health and beauty.
Enjoy browsing offers and discount codes from well-known brands and stores.

The advantage of browsing coupon codes through the Coupon5sm App

Previously, we talked about discount apps and their necessity while purchasing. It provides you with offers and coupon codes in various fields, including the recommended discount app coupon5sm, which helps you save money, effort and time. In addition to several services such as cash on delivery and free shipping, and to complete the shopping process perfectly, we will currently put in your hands the best voucher and coupon app, coupn5sm.

It is one of the best vouchers and discount apps. The coupon5sm application includes Arabic and English. This feature spreads rapidly in all Middle Eastern countries with a professional and skilled team to provide customers with the best services and discounts and several coupons and voucher codes.

The offers and discounts application comes with a free version for all users of Android and IOS phones.
A coordinated coupon app provides an ideal system for easy use.

The promo codes app is easy to use as it helps you quickly find the product you are looking for.
Professional designers made a unique design to make the promo codes apps easy.

Supports you with premium online shopping by offering products from international and trusted brands.
The voucher code app provides huge savings discount codes for your money and features vast offers.
The discount codes app is available in a small size, which makes you not worry about the space of your cell phone.

It provides discount codes for the most famous stores that offer great products that many are looking for.
The discount coupon application supports Arabic and English languages that anyone can use in most parts of the world so that you can use it with ease.

The discounts application can be used as a discount coupon from all Arab countries, which significantly contributed to the easy circulation of the program and increased visits to the program.
The application is installed and loaded at high speed.

Discounts are offered continuously, and Renewable as coupons are updated daily.

The application is very secure, saving the rights and data of all program users.

Easy search for recent coupons and daily offers through the search button.
Provide the latest offers in the introduction of the application, where offers and coupons are updated daily.
Easy sign-up r log into the discount app through your email to follow all the offers and coupons with huge discounts on the application offers.

How to follow exclusive offers via Coupon5sm App?

Through the discount code application “coupon5sm”, you can use the coupon codes provided by it to you in all the offers available online. Not only that, but also the application works to give an icon for all offers of different stores, and therefore you can follow the discount codes to get these offers.

Also, the offers provided by a discount coupon are wider than one store. For example, you will only find some of the offers for one store, and you will find more than one different store in many countries. So you can find the offers from this icon without going to the stores and wasting time searching for the recommendations because the discount coupon application collects them for you quickly.

The discount app “coupon5sm” enables its users to obtain all their needs with high-quality materials and at the lowest price because the designers of the discount app deal with the most famous stores and brands which seek to make their products accessible to everyone around the world.
Providing so many discount codes, updated every while to save you money while you purchase the products you need, contributes to obtaining a distinctive electronic shopping experience filled with international commercial products.
It greatly helps users save coupons with massive discounts to buy the items they need.
Filter the best products for the user and help him get them quickly, and it also saves you the trouble of searching for unique products that are not easily found on the market.

One of the most important things that make the coupon5sm app different from other coupon apps is that it helps you to browse the cheapest and the big sale products from different stores. It provides a daily list with the most significant offers and the best discounts renewed daily. The coupn5sm application has a day offer page for easy product browsing.

Download the coupon5sm application

The application is available on the Google Play Store, where all users of Android phones can download the app easily.
Install the coupon5sm application for Android.

Also, all users of iOS phones can quickly.
Install the application of the coupon5sm for IOS.

Explanation of the best discount application, which is the “Coupon5sm” application

This coupon app contains many advantages not found on other apps. It includes many more categories on the main interface. Such as:


“Coupons” is the main icon in the main user interface, and once you open the app, you will find it in front of you. It contains many essential things, you will find the search bar on top of the screen, and you can search for coupons easily without wasting time.

After that, under the search ribbon, you will find many sections selected and organized by the coupon5sm team for you to go to the section you want so that you can pick your item quickly. And we will present these sections.

Maternity and child section:
The maternity and Child section is one of the essential sections available on the discount code app coupon5sm, where any woman can search for products that belong to her child quickly while getting coupons in the section, such as the patpat discount code, which is up to 60%. So any mother can use it to take advantage of this massive discount.

Game section:
There is a game section in The Discount Code app, and this section is for gaming lovers. The discount coupon app provides you with a lot of huge discounts, up to 50%, through many well-known international stores, such as the shoppe discount code provides a 15% discount on the products offered.

Beauty and care section:
This section includes cosmetics and personal care products at low prices, and many famous stores offer various discounts, such as the body shop, which provides a discount code of up to 60% in Egypt. Also, it gives a voucher code of up to 30% off on perfumes and cosmetics.

Health and fitness section:
This section presents enormous discounts on health products. And it also provides products for many famous brands, such as iHerb store, which gives a 30% discount in the Gulf countries. many stores also offer discounts in this section to help you buy everything you need at low prices via the discount application “coupon5sm.

Food section:
It displays massive discounts to the largest and most famous international restaurants to make it easier. So if you want to order the food you like and also get deals to save your money. one of the most well-known stores is the Noon store, which displays discounts of up to 80% and offers various products with matchless discounts via the noon discount coupon. Carrefour store provides discounts of up to 20% on all grocery products and favourite food items.

Perfume section:
This section includes massive discounts on famous perfumes from global brands, such as Molton brown discounts of up to 30%. Also, the rosemary Paris present offers up to on% on all scents.

Retail and products section:
This section provides discount coupons for the most popular retailers in the Middle East.

Education section:
It displays discount codes for courses to develop yourself at the lowest cost; enjoy getting 10% off on English courses provided by the British Council and a lemon discount code, which reaches 20% on various training courses.

Services section:
The coupon app provides unique coupon codes that contribute to saving while using various public service stores.

Domains and hosting web section:
The discount application provides coupons contributing to building a website at a small cost through its discounts and offers.

Tourism & Travel section:
The coupn5sm application offers enormous discounts for tourism and travel lovers, as it provides you with many coupons to help you with flights, hotel reservations and cars at low prices.

Car section:
The discount app provides many discounts on cars, spare parts and accessories.

Book section:
Many people are interested in reading and always look for book offers and discounts. The voucher codes apps present up to 60% discounts for the largest and most famous international and well-known bookstores.

Clothes & fashion section:
The coupon codes application contains offers and discounts, which women are very interested in, and always looking for offers to buy the most significant amount of trendy clothes.

Gift section:
The voucher code application provides vast discounts when purchasing occasional gifts.

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