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Amazon store is one of the largest online shopping stores worldwide. Amazon store contains a different variety of products from different international brands all of which at reasonable prices and huge discounts, only through the use of the Amazon promo code that we have on our website COUPON5SM in a renewed and effective manner. Amazon store offers discounts for all customers up to 30% On the total value of the order. Now get the Amazon promo code from our website, which is available to all customers from different countries.
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Discount coupon details from Amazon :

Amazon Saudi Arabia discount code 10% off Amazon Saudi Arabia Discount Code 10% Off An opportunity to get the most important home necessities from furniture products of various types and from different brands and all products, tools, kitchen supplies, sports tools and all their supplies at the lowest prices by shopping the Amazon Saudi Arabia […]

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Discount coupon details from Amazon :

Amazon Code Details:

-Get the best shopping experience with 15% off.
-Direct discount for all users inside the UAE.
-Discount on the price of books in the Amazon UAE store.
-15% on the original value of the products inside the book section.
-This code is also effective within Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman with the Emirates.

Amazon Code

Amazon store provides one of the best shopping experiences for all the customers, as it guarantees them happiness and satisfaction during their shopping experience in the store, because of what the store offers from discounts and offers that the shopper can get when purchasing from the Amazon store. 

You can enjoy these discounts come through Amazon code that is available on our website on a renewed basis. 

There are times of the year that Amazon store offers huge discounts on most of the products on its website without the need of the customer to look for discount codes in order to use them, however, customers are always looking for additional discounts and exclusive ways to save money while purchasing online products, and that is done through the use of the Amazon discount code, which offers a discount up to 30% on many products on the website.


Information About Amazon Store


The beginning of Amazon was in the field of selling books online, as Amazon store-bought books in bulk from the Ingram store and sold them on its own platform. 


The first book for the Amazon store was a fluid science book by Douglas Hofstadt, which later evolved to sell VHS production lines, DVDs, MP3s, and Video Games, clothing, electronics, food, documents, and other products.

During this time Amazon has established several independent websites in Germany, Japan, China, United Kingdom, Canada, and France, and many other countries so that shoppers can get Amazon products through the international shipping service provided by the store.


The first launch of the famous Amazon logo was in the year 2000, which is the smile in the form of an arrow bearing the letter A, and the purpose of this design was to send the idea that Amazon store provides all customers with all the factors that draw a smile on the faces. There is another point of view that says that the goal of the store’s logo is that the store offers all kinds of products in all categories and it is considered the most famous online store at all.

Amazon offers its users countless advantages, from easy registration and browsing on the website to various payment methods, as well as fast and unique delivery, that is all besides the special Amazon discounts and offers that the customer can get through Amazon discount code, which is available permanently and renewed on our website COUPON5SM


When Was The Establishment Of Amazon Store?


  • Amazon is an American multinational online company. Its founder is Jeff Bezos, and that was in 1994 when he left his work at Wall Street, and move to Seattle to start planning to break into global labor markets and thought about “Cadabra” in 1994 to change Its name is then to Amazon.


  • The name “Amazon” was chosen because it contains some suspense as it was named after the Amazon River, which is the largest river in the world, as well as it refers to Bezo’s goal which is to make Amazon to be the largest store in the world and put his greatest attention to make this site one of the big names that small companies seek to imitate its content and was launched on the Internet officially in 1995.


  • Amazon’s first appearance on the stock market was on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange and due to the company’s policy of not looking to profit in the first four or five years there was a great protest from the shareholders against that policy, and the store has been spreading its reputation ever since and offering products of various categories at amazing prices, and huge discounts through the effective Amazon promo code for all users.


What Are The Available Sections At Amazon?


There are a lot of different sections at Amazon that contain different products which are in an organized way to be easily accessible to the user.

We will review together some of these important sections of Amazon store, these sections are:  


  • Sports and Outdoors Section


It is the section that specializes in all the sports equipment that athletes use to perform their exercises, as well as some home-useable sports equipments. 

There are different products for different sports, as you can find different brands such as: Adidas, Nike, and other famous brands in the world of sports.


  • Smart Home Section 


It is the section that has all the devices that can be included in the house, such as televisions and other tools that represent the modern home.


  • Baby’s Section 

This section is dedicated to children as it provides them with all the products that make them happy that makes them feel comfortable.


  • Automotive Department 

This section displays all spare parts and accessories needed for the car.


  • Beauty, Personal Care Section, And Skincare

Everything related to skincare is available in this section from the most famous international brands such as Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, and other well-known brands.


  • Toys and Games Section 

This section provides a wide range of the latest games that can develop children’s mental skills from different and well-known famous and major companies.

  • Home and Kitchen Section

This section offers many important tools that every woman needs in the kitchen, starting from kitchen furniture to the smallest item in the kitchen, as well as all the household items that a woman needs at home to maintain its cleanliness and great shape.


  • Pet Supplies Section

This section provides all domestic and pet supplies such as cats, dogs, birds, fish, and also non-domestic animals such as horses.


  • Industrial and Scientific Section 

All the items that workers need for industrial work such as cutting tools and other equipment, can be found in this section as well as some tools that every home needs for any circumstances.


  • Video Games Section 


Amazon offers all game lovers the latest releases of popular video games through this section, and within this section, there are some other categories, each category dedicated to a specific gaming device.


We have provided you with the most important sections that you can find at Amazon store, and you will find complete ease in the process of shopping and buying from the store, and you will even be able to get discounts when using Amazon promo code that is constantly available on our website.


What Are The Most Famous Brands At  Amazon Store?

At Amazon store, you can find all international brands. Amazon store offers high-quality products for famous brands at low prices only if you used using the Amazon promo code while purchasing your order. 

And these brands are:

  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • Honor
  • Toshiba
  • Canon
  • Del
  • Nikon
  • Xiaomi
  • Nikai
  • Dan Sat


What Are The Most Important Features Of  Amazon Store?

Amazon store offers many features that make the shopping easy , and very special and unique experience for users, and here is why:


  • Today’s Deal: Today’s deal from  Amazon store is one of the most important features in the store. 

This deal is products at discounted prices. You can get it after going to the store, then clicking on Today’s Deal button, then browsing and viewing the products, to know the rates of discounts and offers for each product. 


  • A secure and guaranteed payment method by Amazon, and before completing and confirming the payment process, you can paste the Amazon discount code in order to get an exclusive discount.
  • Amazon Cloud Drive: This service is provided by Amazon, which is a storage service that is operated by logging in to the account and then clicking on “Your Account” and then “Your Cloud Drive” which provides you with a free 5 GB of space for storage pictures and files.
  • Warehouse Deals: It is a website that belongs to Amazon that specializes in selling electronic devices “mobile phones – Kindle devices – computers – TV screens”, all at discounted prices and with discounts of up to 60% off the original product price.
  • Amazon store provides an international shipping and delivery service to different countries of the world, and it offers one of the fastest and quickly shipping and delivery processes.
  • The store provides many currencies that you can choose from and pay with, as well as providing many payment methods for customers.
  • An Amazon promo code that provides users with a huge discount.
  • The store provides us with an Amazon promo code on an ongoing basis in order to use it during the shopping process to obtain discounts at special rates.
  • The online website is available in many international languages ​​in order to facilitate the shopping process for customers, however, it is not available in Arabic.


How Can I shop and Use Amazon Promo Code?


  • You must first register or create an account at Amazon store.
  • After that, you can go to any section where you can find the product you are looking for.
  • Click on the product and add it to the cart, then you must click on “Continue” to complete the purchase.
  • You have to  write all the information and data, as well as the address that you want to receive the product at.
  • Then choose the suitable payment method, put the Amazon Promo Code in its place, and confirm the order.
  • Thus, the discount is activated on the order price and the product is shipped as soon as possible and delivered to the home or office.


How Do I Download Amazon Application?

Amazon store provides the easiest ways to shop, as it gives you quick access to products. that is why the store has launched its own application, which works for the Android and iOS operating systems for free.

Download Amazon app for Android

Download Amazon app for iPhone

Through the application, you can easily order products and get the best online purchases ever by using the Amazon promo code during the payment phase.


What Are The Payment Methods Available At Amazon store?

Amazon store is one of the most important websites that provide customers with safe and reliable, as well as different payment methods so that the customer can choose the suitable payment method. Also the customer can use Amazon discount code before completing the payment to apply the discount, and payment can be made through the following methods:


  • Pay via PayPal account
  • Payment via Google Pay account 
  • Pay by Skrill

Remember to choose the most suitable payment method for you, and never forget to use Amazon discount code to get a huge discount.


Are There Any Other Payment Methods Within Amazon Store?

Yes there is another payment method, and the website confirms that this service is 100% secured and data cannot be hacked, and payment can be made through this service in any other shopping site, not only Amazon but on the condition that it accepts “Amazon Payment”.

This service does not require us to create another separate account, as it is the same account that we use when purchasing from the Amazon website, where we click on “Pay With Amazon” after adding the product to the shopping cart.

Whatever payment method suits you, you can choose it and buy through it, and the site allows you to paste an Amazon discount code before confirming the purchase, which you can copy from COUPON5SM website, and after you have already pasted an Amazon discount code, an effective discount of up to 30% will be applied to the value of the order.


What do We Know About The Global Shipping From Amazon?

This service is a unique shipping service provided by the store to customers outside the United States, which states that the products in the mentioned categories may be shipped to those countries, but when purchasing the product, we must pay attention to the following phrase “This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the US”.

If the product is available for shipping in selected countries outside the United States,” and the store adds customs and taxes to the price of the product for the store to pay instead of the buyer.

To be able to compensate for the shipping cost, which can be relatively expensive, you can use an Amazon coupon code to apply a discount on the order price to compensate for the shipping cost, and to find exclusive Amazon discount coupons, you can browse our website COUPON5SM.


What Is The Shipping Cost At Amazon Store?


  • Free shipping for items over 100 SAR.
  • Same-day delivery price in Saudi Arabia is 24 SAR.


How Long Does It Take To Ship An Item From Amazon? 


  • There is a delivery of products on the same day the order is completed and it does not take more than several hours.
  • As for the normal delivery, it does not exceed 1-6 days at most in all regions of the Kingdom.


Can I Track My Order From Amazon Store?


  • You can now track your order through the order tracking service inside the Amazon store, the order progress can be known through mail messages or through text messages via your smartphone.


How Can I Return Products On Amazon?

Amazon works to satisfy the customer in various ways, the most important of which is to provide an opportunity to return the products back to the store, provided that the process of returning the product takes place within approximately 30 days and that the product has not been previously opened or used, after which approximately seven days will be processed. Transfer your amount back to your account.


How Can I Contact Amazon Customer Service?


Amazon website offers its users a unique shopping service and a support team with sufficient experience to answer all inquiries. You can contact the Amazon store customer service in several ways:


  • By phone number 8008500931.
  • Via live chat provided by the store.
  • By emailing

You can contact them through one of the previous methods if you have an inquiry by purchasing, shipping methods, using an Amazon discount code, or other various inquiries.


Best Amazon Promo Codes


Amazon Code 


If you are looking for the latest releases of new phones for the current year, you should follow the latest developments in phone products in Amazon store, as Amazon is the first to offer new phones in the world such as the iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other wonderful smart phones.


 You can get these phones at great prices by using the Amazon Code, which saves a lot of money when buying from the store by offering discounts on the price of the product.


Amazon Discount Code


Many shoppers and customers know the great value of the Amazon store and know that it contains all the products they want to buy with an update and this is one of the reasons why customers love this great brand name, and it also provides huge discounts when using the Amazon discount code that provides a discount rate of up to 30% from product value.


Amazon Coupon Code 

If you are a fan of video games and a good follower of the latest releases of games released by game companies, you should know that Amazon store is one of the first stores to offer games to the public immediately after the release of its companies, and Amazon provides these games at great prices and is not compared to another store, you can get Get these games at the lowest price when using an effective Amazon coupon code available on COUPON5SM


Amazon Promo Code


One of the interests of Amazon store is keeping up with the latest international fashions of men’s and women’s clothing, as well as providing their own accessories, such as watches and wallets made of high quality materials, as well as providing children’s clothing with wonderful drawings bearing cartoon characters worthy of childhood, all of this can be obtained with the presence of an Amazon promo code which provides discounts of up to 40% on the prices of these products.


Amazon Offers

If you are looking to save money when shopping, you should follow the wonderful Amazon discounts that it launches on international occasions, such as Black Friday Amazon, as it provides many expensive products at low prices, with the discount rate reaching half the price and more, and all products are under the discount table and do not There is any product at its original price which leads customers to buy.


Amazon Discount Code


Amazon discount code is one of the most important codes available on online platforms because it offers an exclusive discount on the price of the order because it is an effective code on all products in the Amazon store for users inside the Kingdom. You can get Amazon discounts if you are a resident of the Kingdom. You can copy the Amazon Saudi discount voucher to get Get an effective 30% discount on all products.


Amazon Discount Coupon


Every housewife is interested in obtaining household and kitchen items and supplies from the latest versions, and these products can be purchased at low prices through the Amazon discount coupon for every modern home, and this is what the Amazon store works to provide on an ongoing basis as it offers an Amazon discount code to all users and it is effective On all home and kitchen products.


Amazon Coupon Code Saudi Arabia


Amazon Coupon Code Saudi Arabia is intended for all customers inside the Kingdom and is effective on beauty and skin care products, as the Saudi Amazon discount coupon provides an effective discount for all customers inside the Kingdom on all products available within this section.


Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Store


Question: Does Amazon offer original products?

Answer: Of course, the Amazon store provides all its products to users from famous international brands.


Question: Can I track My Order?

Answer: Amazon store provides a way for its customers to track their shipment, which is by entering your orders page and then selecting the order you want to track, to provide you with all the information related to your order.


Question: What does the shipping from Amazon store price depend on?

Answer: Shipping from Amazon depends on many factors such as the shipping speed that the customer selects, the weight and size of the product, and the number of sellers the customer has purchased from in the case of purchasing more than one product from the store.


Question: Can I get free shipping from Amazon Store?

Answer: A free delivery service can be obtained if the products eligible for delivery within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are purchased with a value of more than 200 Saudi riyals, so that the order will be delivered after two or three working days since the processing of the order.


Question: Can I get a discount from Amazon Store?

Answer: Of course, a discount can be obtained from the store when using the effective Amazon discount coupon on many of the goods offered on the Amazon store, with a reduction of up to 30% of the value of the product.


Question: Does the Amazon store provide effective offers and savings on a daily basis?

Answer: Yes, the Amazon store offers users daily offers and discounts on most products, and the customer can get additional discounts by using the Amazon coupon, which acts as a special discount code.