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Citruss Discount Code 2021 (CTV24B)

Citruss World of Shopping is the online interface of the famous Citruss TV channel, and the store offers a great variety of different products such as kitchen, beauty and fashion at great prices, especially when using the Citruss discount code that works on all products. If you are looking for the perfect place for a unique and amazing shopping experience for kitchen and beauty products as well as fashion and jewelry at affordable prices, all you have to do is use the Citruss discount code while shopping to save your money.
Discount 80%
Code No Expires

Citruss Coupon Up To 80% Off+Save 30 Riyal

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Discount coupon details from Citruss TV :

Details of the Citruss TV Coupon:
The code is effective in the countries of Saudi Arabia – UAE – Qatar – Kuwait
The code is valid and has no specific expiration date.
You can use the code more than once
The code deducts 30 riyals from the price of any product inside the store

Discount 30%
Code No Expires

CitrussTV Coupon Code Up To 30 Off!

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Discount coupon details from Citruss TV :

Details of the CitrussTV Coupon Code:
The coupon is valid in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar.
The coupon is valid permanently and has no specific expiration date.
You can use the coupon more than once.
The coupon is valid on all sections within the store.

Citruss Coupon Code


Isn’t it great to shop the latest and best kitchen, fashion and beauty products at special prices, this is what the Citruss coupon code provided by Coupon5sm website offers you, in addition to the huge Citruss discounts offered by the store, that sometimes reach 80% of the value of the products.


Citruss store offers many great offers and discounts, and what really distinguishes the store is that its products are 100% original and guaranteed, as Citruss store is one of the largest stores that users trust, and if the great offers of Citruss are not enough for you and you want to save more money, you can now use Citruss Coupon Code to get an additional discount of 30 riyals or its equivalent in other currencies.


The process of shopping using a Citruss discount code is now more enjoyable for the customer, as it is no longer limited to Citruss discounts only, but there is an additional discount that saves you a lot of money, other than the free shipping service that the store sometimes provides, which increases the fun and savings.


CitrussTV Store Information


Citruss TV is the first TV channel for home shopping, and before the popularity of online stores and online purchases, Citruss was a pioneer in the field of home shopping by calling them and ordering the product over the phone. Now, after the spread of online stores, Citruss TV has established an online store, where you can order any product through it with ease.


Wow, and a special relationship with customers. This is what Citrusstv can be described as it provides home shopping for more than one million customers in the Middle East and reaches more than 300 million customers in the Arab world.


Launching the Citruss TV Online Store


This impressive success did not stop Citruss TV from keeping pace with the times. In 2017, Shark Shopping, a major Chinese online retail company and the main investor in Citruss, launched the Citruss e-store as a kind of expansion to become available across various platforms, providing all the original products with huge discounts using the Citruss Coupon  for a unique shopping process at great prices.


When Was Citruss Online Store Established?


Citruss online store was founded in 2017 by A Chinese retailer, Shark Shopping,  which is one of the biggest investors in Citruss TV.


When Was Citruss TV Founded?


Citruss TV was established in 2005 and the channel’s primary goal was to become the first and most prominent in the field of home shopping in the Arab world, and that was what the channel has already succeeded in achieving.


Citruss TV  Store Departments 


New Arrivals: This section contains the latest products in the store that are updated daily, and the store has a wide variety of different products to suit all tastes. What really makes this section special is that the citrusstv coupon code works on all existing products, and the citruss coupon enables you to get an additional discount of 30 riyals or its equivalent in other currencies.



Kitchen Department: If you are a housewife or a fan of preparing the most delicious food and drinks, Citruss store will offer you one of the greatest sources of happiness at all, where you can shop without difficulty and get all cooking supplies from kitchen basics to kitchen electronics appliances and even simple kitchen accessories that make it easy for you to use your kitchen.



Home section: This section provides all home care products and home electronics from modern devices that help you keep your home tidy and beautiful. This section also provides travel luggage from different international brands and high quality and special baby strollers. 


You can use the Citruss Discount Code when purchasing any product from This section to save money and get an effective discount.



Health and Beauty Department: This section is the favorite for women who want to take care of their appearance and beauty. The department offers many different products such as skin care products, hair care products and body care products. 


The latest makeup and perfume trends from the most famous brands and major brands are also available in this section.



Fashion And Jewelry Section: This section is considered one of the most interesting sections for visitors to the Citruss TV store. This section provides the latest fashions of abayas and dresses. The section also has the latest designs and types of watches from various major brands, for lovers of elegance and luxury. The latest jewelry sets provided by major international brands such as Haramlek, Mazyona, Zina Fashion and other famous jewelry brands.



Big Sale Section: This section is the first destination for those who want to save on online purchases from the Citruss store, as the section provides the most discounted products, moment by moment, and what is really special about the matter is the ability to use the Citruss coupon along with the original Citruss discounts to get products at a very low price and save your money.



What Are The Most Popular Brands in Citruss TV?


Citruss store is one of the most unique stores that contains a wide variety of products, and what really makes it more unique, is its discounted prices that suit all levels with additional discounts when using the Citruss discount code, and the wonderful thing is that these discounts are applied to various products from all International brands, where the store contains a distinctive assortment of various major brands, the most famous of which are:


  • Balzano
  • Fancy Merkel
  • Bissell
  • Steam Q
  • Hi Flyer
  • Fay Hair Pro
  • Opal
  • Saraya
  • Haramlek 
  • Zina Fashion



Citruss TV Store Features


  • A store with a great design that is easy to use and comfortable on the eye that helps you browse the best products without any hassle.
  • The store provides a special application for Android and iPhone systems.
  • Excellent and fast shipping service.
  • Possibility to get free shipping.
  • Great value products for a special price, especially when using the Citruss discount code from our Coupon5sm Website.
  • High-quality products where the store is concerned with displaying practical products of excellent quality.
  • The store offers a Mega Sale page to get you the most discounts ever possible.
  • The store provides you with images of products in very high quality with the ability to zoom in to see product details.
  • Multiple payment methods to suit all individuals.
  • Easily replaceable products.
  • The possibility of returning products easily and in a short time.
  • Easy communication with technical support to solve any problem you face.



Download Citruss TV Store Application:


Payment and Fees At CitrussTV 


What are the payment methods available at citrusstv store?


Citruss TV store offers multiple and different payment methods suitable for all people from different countries, and these methods are:


  • Payment by credit card (MasterCard and Visa)
  • Pay via PayPal
  • Payment when receiving
  • Payment via SADAD system (in Saudi Arabia only)


Is Citrusstv Safe To Add My Credit Card?


Yes, citrusstv store is one of the most trusted stores ever, as the site uses very high level encryption and protection systems, and the store keeps your private information confidential.


Are there any additional fees if I choose to pay on delivery?


Yes, there will be a small additional fee to be paid to the shipping company, and these fees are a small increase over the normal delivery expenses, but you do not need to worry, the discounts that you will get when using the Citruss discount code will save you a lot of money.


Shipping and Delivery at Citruss


What is the shipping cost at citrusstv store?


The cost of shipping and delivery at Citruss varies in terms of the type and weight of the product, and the cost ranges between 14 to 50 Saudi riyals or its equivalent in other currencies.


Does Citruss offer free shipping?


Citruss store offers free shipping service if the value of the order is greater than 1000 riyals or its equivalent in other currencies, and the free shipping service is one of the advantages of Citruss store, as you know the shipping  free service can be applied when using the Citruss discount code, the world of shopping, which makes you get a huge discount on products with free shipping service.


What is the delivery time for citrusstv store?


The delivery time for products in Citruss TV store is 4 to 5 working days, and the period may be longer for additional days if the shipping address is in one of the areas far from the main cities.


Are there any additional fees or taxes for purchasing from Citruss?

Yes, there are some simple fees and taxes, and these fees vary from country to country.


What countries does citruss ship to?

The store offers its products in all countries of the Middle East and North Africa, including all the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.


Can my order be tracked at citruss store?

Yes, you can. Citruss store provides you with the ability to track the products you are waiting for through the order number, moment by moment, until you receive it at your door.


How can I track my order at citrusstv store?


You can track your order in the Citruss store via the shipment number in your account. All you have to do is copy the shipment number for your order and paste the number on the shipment tracking page of the Citruss store. After that, it will show you where your order is and at what stage of shipment.




Returns and Exchanges at citrusstv store:


Can the product be Returned or Exchanged at citrusstv store?


Yes, you can simply return and exchange products in the Citruss TV store within a maximum period of 7 days from the date of receiving the order, provided that the product includes all its attachments, and the products to be returned from you are received by the representative of the shipping company within 4 to 5 working days.


What are the conditions for returning products at Citruss tv?

  • Not to return the product after the allowed period of 7 days from the date of receipt
  • That the product has not been misused or had a malfunction that caused it to change from the condition in which it was received.
  • That the product does not lose its serial number
  • That nothing is lost from the original packaging of the product.
  • Body wearable products such as underwear, hosiery and shapewear are not returned directly.


What products cannot be returned at Citruss TV?

There are some products that Citruss can never return:-


  • Skin creams
  • hair oils
  • underwear
  • slimming clothes
  • Make-up products


How can I get my money back from citruss store?

The process of getting your money back from Citruss is easy and simple and is as follows:-


  • Refund your money from Citruss when paying with a credit card: In this case, the amount you paid in advance will be refunded to your bank account within a period not exceeding a month.
  • Refund from Citruss when paying with cash on delivery: Here the amount you paid is deposited into your account at Citruss so that you can use the amount for other purchases.


Do I pay shipping costs when I return the product to Citruss?


No, the store bears all shipping costs when returning its products at the specified time, which is a maximum period of 7 days from receiving the product.


Citruss TV app customer service and how to contact the store:-

You can contact citruss customer service in more than one way, which are as follows:-


  • Contact via email:
  • Contact via the phone number in the UAE: 04559666
  • Contact via the phone number in Saudi Arabia: 0118250999





Most Popular Citruss Discount Codes


Citruss Discount Code 


Citruss Discount Code  is one of the great ways in which store visitors save their money. Using the Citruss discount code enables you to get an effective discount of 30 riyals, which makes the process of shopping from the Citruss store an excellent deal.


CitrussTV Coupon Code


Some think that the Citruss channel is the only source to promote products for Citruss store, but Citruss online store is one of the best and easiest ways to shop products now. All you have to do is find the CitrussTV Coupon Code and enter the code when paying to get an effective discount on all products.


Citruss Discount Code Saudi Arabia


The Citruss store is very popular and wide in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where many Saudi customers have trusted Citruss and the quality of its products for years. The Citruss store offers the exclusive Citruss Discount Code Saudi Arabia to all customers residing in Saudi Arabia with discounts of up to 50% on products.


The Citruss TV store is known for the fast shipping of its products within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the shipping costs are simple. The shipping cost varies according to the weight of the shipment, but most of the time, the shipping cost at Citruss TV ranges from 14 to 50 Saudi riyals.


Citruss Discount Code UAE 


The United Arab Emirates has the best luck with the popularity of the Citruss store, as Citruss TV broadcasts its services from the free zone in Dubai, and the store is managed from the Emirates as well, and this is what makes the Citruss Discount Code UAE one of the best Citruss discounts ever, with huge discounts Up to 60% off products, citruss offers its coupons to customers in the UAE to enjoy amazing shopping and save money.


Citruss Discount Code Kuwait


Kuwaitis know Citruss well. Before the emergence and popularity of online stores, Citruss was widely known for ordering home products over the phone in Kuwait. This is what made Citruss TV online store provide the effective Citruss coupon Kuwait with discounts of up to 50% on various products so that the citizen can Kuwaiti enjoy huge discounts when buying home products.


CitrussTV Coupon Code Iraq


Citruss store, after gaining the trust of many customers from different countries, is now available in Iraq, where Citruss offers its products at discounted prices that suit all Iraqi people. The store also provides a CitrussTV Coupon Code in Iraq  that comes with discounts of up to 70% with fast shipping service and shipping costs in Accessible to everyone, use the CitrussTV Coupon Code in Iraq now and enjoy a huge discount when shopping online.


Citruss Coupon 


The great thing about online shopping is the large number of offers and the possibility of saving when buying online from the Citruss store. The store offers high-quality products and huge discounts, and these discounts are even more amazing when you use the Citruss Coupon  when paying. 


How do I shop and complete the purchase at citruss store?


The steps of shopping from citruss store are easy, simple and fast, as follows:-


  • Log in to the Citruss Store or create your account by going to the Citruss website or the Citruss app.
  • Browse the products and choose the products you want to buy.
  • Add the products you want to the shopping cart.
  • Go to the payment page and apply the Citruss discount through the “Discount Code” field on the payment page.
  • Write your address in detail, your mobile number and all your data for easy communication with you by the shipping company.
  • Choose a payment method, then make the payment and confirm the purchase.



How to get a Citruss discount code and purchase:

  • Go to the main page of the coupon, then search for the name of the store (Citruss), then click on the store icon.
  • After heading to the Citruss store on the discount coupon website, you will find many different Citruss discount coupons, choose the appropriate Citruss TV discount code for you, and then click on the (copy the coupon) button.
  • After that, the discount code will be copied and directed to the Citruss TV website to shop and in case you have a Citruss mobile application, you will be transferred to the application.
  • Browse the Citruss website or app and choose the products that suit you most, then add those products to the shopping cart.
  • From the shopping cart, go to the payment page and on the payment page you will find the box for the discount code. Paste the code that was previously copied from the coupon site.
  • Fill in the full address and all the data, then choose the payment method to complete a successful purchase.



Frequently Asked Questions About Citruss Discount Code:-



Question: Can I use the Citruss discount code on all products?

Answer: Yes, you can use the CitrussTV coupon on all products in the store and get a special discount.


Question: What is the value of the citrusstv coupon code?

Answer: The value of the Citruss TV discount code is 30 riyals as an additional discount or its equivalent in other currencies.


Question: Does the discount code apply even if I get the free shipping service?

Answer: Yes, you can get the discount code with free shipping, which increases the fun and benefit of online shopping at Citruss TV.


Question: How can I get the largest possible discount from Citruss TV?

Answer: To get the largest possible discount from CitrussTV, all you have to do is divide the products you want to buy into separate orders and use the Citruss coupon with each order separately.


Question: Does CitrussTV coupon work more than once or only for the first use?

Answer: The Citruss discount code works more than once for the same user without any problems, and this is one of the most important advantages of using a Citruss coupon when purchasing online.

How to buy from Citruss TV by Video

 How to buy from Citruss TV by Video