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R&B coupon code 2024 (S29)

The R&B store is one of the most famous names in the Sultanate of Oman in the field of fashion for women, men and children, girls and boys. It offers its users many offers and discounts with an effective R&B coupon code. You can use the R&B coupon code to get all exclusive offers on our website, Coupon5sm.
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Get Your Perfect Style for Winter with R&B Super Friday Sale

The fall and Winter collection is here now; get what you desire at a substantial sale of up to 50% on Everything you pick for R&B Online Store. Athleisure wear is now available for bright pieces that offer skin comfort while practising sports, from relaxed fits to sophisticated looks and step-out styles. Using R&B Coupon code is a privilege now that lets you buy everything you want at a significant discount.

R&B Code

Now, search for the best R&B Code. It’s here now on Coupon5sm website with a considerable percentage discount of up to 50% for all pieces inside the store. Shop now till you drop with a vast collection of lingerie and sleepwear with remarkable quality from the best brands worldwide.

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R&B Eid Al Adha offers Up to 50% off on all your products

One of the most well-known brands and names in Oman for fashion, including trendy and stylish fashion for all ages of men, women, and kids, both boys and girls, is the R&B platform, which also provides a number of deals and discounts. The R&B store offers all of these products at aggressively low costs and enhances their value in the international markets by using R&B Eid Al Adha offers.

R&B store

On the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, the store offers huge discounts of up to 50% on your products from international brands. The store always seek to satisfy and bring joy and happiness to your family, so R&B provides a vast collection of fashion for all the member of your family with exclusive bargains and sales to be an attractive appearance.to enjoy more great offers and many irreplaceable purchase offers in Eid, please visit our coupon5sm website to get huge deals within the R&B platform when using the R&B offers.


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R&B coupon code

You can access substantial discounts for all fashion and shoes in the R&B store when you use the R&B discount code on our website coupon5sm.


The R&B store fashion was established in October 2012. It appeared for the first time in the field of fashion. The first branch of the R&B store was opened in the Sultanate of Oman, especially in Muscat, in the Grand Mall. It also expanded to many countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council. Use the R&B coupon codes for huge discounts

Today's best deals from R&B

R&B coupon code 2023

R&B store is very interested in providing excellent quality products at discounted prices. You can obtain these products at discounted prices using a practical and renewed R&B discount code on our website.

You will find these codes on the website coupon5sm, which provides many discount codes for the most famous Arab and international stores. When using the R&B coupon through our website coupon5sm, you can get a vast purchase discount for all the fashions in the R&B store.

More information about R&B store

The R&B store fashion was established in October 2012. It appeared for the first time in the field of fashion. The first branch of the R&B store was opened in the Sultanate of Oman, especially in Muscat, in the Grand Mall. It also expanded to many countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council. Like the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Oman, until the stores reached 39 branches titled with the name R&B, which proves the success of R&B stores in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

The R&B store targets the lowest prices of fashion items, which can significantly attract customers. Customers can get massive discounts from the R&B store only as soon as they use the R&B promo codes when completing the purchase. These codes are available on ourcoupon5sm website.

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R&B Store categories

 The store presents many modern fashions for women, men, and children at low prices. With very exclusive offers, R&B offers for all sections on the R&B platform are:

Ladies section: every woman cares about an attractive appearance and fabulous presence. So the R&B store is your right choice to buy the best pieces of cloth, ing from dresses, blouses, coats, tops, sports pants, and sweaters. There are also shoes, sneakers, sandals, and socks. And all kinds of accessories, handbags, wallets, bags, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, belts, hair accessories, and sportswear are obtained with this fantastic R&B coupon code.

Men’s Section: This Section includes a collection of modern clothes suitable for everyone. You can find what you want anywhere, such as T-shirts, coats, sweaters, hoodies, underwear, jogging pants, and jeans. There are also all kinds of sportswear that you need. There are bags, wallets, belts, and travel accessories that you can get with an exceptional purchase offer through the R&B coupon on our website.

Children’s Section: if you have a kid, don’t get confused, This excellent Section will serve you. It contains all types of children’s clothes from birth to youth, with an exclusive collection of the best dresses in various sizes. There are also all the accessories your child needs, from hair accessories, school accessories, hats, coats, and others, in addition to the matchless offers presented by the store. Get outstanding offers when using the R&B code through our website coupon5sm.

What are the features of the R&B Store?

-Using R&B discount coupon codes to get up to

– Providing many types of products in different sections.

– Having a lot of branches around the Gulf countries.

-Providing exclusive offers of up to 40% on all products.

– Having a lot of branches around the Gulf countries.

– Free shipping service.

– Offering different options of payments.

– Having the latest famous fashion brands.

-Downloading free application for Android and iPhone and enjoy a leisurely shopping experience

-Tracking your order through the application

– Dealing with highly skilled customer service and punctual staff.

Download the R&B Store app:

Download the R&B app for Android.

Download the R&B App for iPhone.

What are the available payment methods at R&B?                                                       

You can get an effective discount coupon code through our website coupon5sm; you can also pay inside the R&B store or via

-credit card

-Debit card

-Bank transfer

What is the expected shipping time for R&B?

Order will be delivered within 3 to 5 business days to all KSA areas.

 Does the R&B store offer free returns service?

Yes, you don’t have to pay the return service fees if you are dissatisfied with the order.

Does the R&B store offer express shipping service? 

 Eery product has its time to be delivered according to the region. Inside KSA, it takes from 1:3 days from the date of assurance of the purchasing process, but outside it may take longer.

How can I track my order?

-By browsing the track order’ page or Email or phone messages.

What is the return policy at the R&B store?

All products can be returned within 14 days from the date of delivery, in the condition that the product is in its original case and not damaged.

How can I get my money back?

You can get your money back within seven days of the return process.

How to keep in touch with R&B store customer service?

Email: care@randbfashion.com

Contact through the app.

Contact via social media platforms.

 What are The most famous R&B store discount codes?

R&B discount code  

With the R&B discount code, you can access substantial purchase discounts for all fashion and shoes in the R&B store when you use the R&B discount code on our website coupon5sm. Many irreplaceable purchases offers now use the R&B voucher to get massive discounts.

R&B coupon code 

You can always get exclusive discounts within the R&B store, where you can now buy at low prices using the R&B coupon code that is actively present on our website.

R&B voucher 

 R&B store presents Fabulous discounts and offers. In addition to the R&B vouchers, you can get up to a 40% discount on all orders you make from the store and buy your favorite modern fashion.

R&B offers 

R&B stores can present matchless offers on their products. You can get the best offers by using R&B offers on our website Coupon5sm.

How to get an R&B discount code and complete my purchase?

  1. Log into the store platform or application.
  2. Do shopping via the R&B application.
  3. Choose the products you want.
  4. Add your products to the shopping cart.
  5. Before purchasing, use the R&B coupon code to get the best price.
  6. Insert your data to get your order on time.
  7. Choose a suitable method of payment.

Frequently asked questions about R&B Discount Code.

Does the R&B store present high-quality products? 

Yes, the store provides all products with magnificent designs and high quality.

Is the free shipping service available?

Yes, you can get a free shipping service when you purchase with a value of over 150 Saudi riyals.

Can I track my order in the R&B store?

Of course, you can track your order through the application, emails, and order tracking pages.

Does the R&B store offer constant discounts?

Sure, the store provides a wide range of the best discounts and huge discounts for all customers.

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