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Max Fashion

Max Fashion Promo Code 2021 (MU926)

Max Fashion is one of the most important online shopping stores that is specializes in providing the latest fashion items for men, women as well as children. Get now Max Fashion Promo code,  and purchase your order at special prices and get the best offers and discounts. These discounts can be up to 30% on the total of the order through paying to the store by using the effective Max Fashion Promo code for all products.
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Max Fashion Coupon UAE 15% Off

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Discount coupon details from Max Fashion :

Max Fashion Coupon Details:
-Effective discount for all users within the United Arab Emirates.
-15% discount on the original order price.
-Max UAE Coupon is effective on all store products.
-The coupon can be used and the discount can be obtained more than once.

Discount 15% Off
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Max Fashion CouponCode 15% Effective, Exclusive

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Discount coupon details from Max Fashion :

Details of Max Fashion Coupon Code:

-Get men’s and women’s fashion at the lowest prices with Max Fashion Coupon Code.
-Max Fashion Coupon Code provides an effective 15% discount on the order.
-Max Fashion Coupon Code offers a direct discount on all store products.
-The coupon works in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Max Fashion Coupon Code

Max Fashion online store provides many offers and discounts that make the shopping process for customers easier, and that is done by providing the Max Fashion coupon code that the store constantly offers to its customers in order to buy products at discounted prices.

This special code, Max Fashion coupon code, offers you a huge discount on all products within Max Fashion online website.

The online shopping with gartnteed disocunts is what any cutomer is looking for, as it can save him alot of money, and this is what Coupon5sm website works on, we provide Max Fashion coupon code for those interested in the field of fashion to obtain an effective discount of up to 30% on all products.

Get now the strongest offers and discounts through the very special store Max Fashion, where the store offers a group of great discount coupons, the most important of which is Max Fashion Discount Code, which is available on our website in an effective and renewed condition.


Information About Max Fashion Store


One of the most popular fields today on the Internet, is the field of online shopping, as this field targets the largest number of consumers. this field is well known among most people as it saves a lot of effort and a lot of time, as well as money.

Besides, you can know all the information and details about the product, with the availability of the largest number of discounts and offers that you can enjoy while shopping and buying online. 

All of these features make online stores the number one source for shopping and buying products, and Max Fashion store is one of these largest online stores.

Max Fashion is one of the most important online shopping stores in the Middle East that specializes in fashion. The store has a huge number of different fashion items that suite different taste for different customers.  As well as the fasion items from the most famous brands including: clothes, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children, and many cosmetics and home supplies.

Max Fashion offers all the products which come with high quality from the most famous and best world famous brands.

The store is constantly working on gaining customers’ trust and satisfaction by offering the best discounts and offers on different products at the store.  as well as trying to make the shopping process easy and simple, through the unique and well-designed website.

As for the delivery, it is free of charge for products whose price exceeds 200 riyals, and you can return the products within 30 days from the date of receiving the products and it gives you many different payment methods and opportunities to get discounts through the use of the Max Fashion discount code, and the store also provides daily offers on all of its products.


When And Where Was Max Fashion Store Founded?

The launch of this store was in May of 2004 in the United Arab Emirates. The website gained great trust in the field of retail trade in the Arab region, this store aims to work and form new markets in many countries despite the spread of the store and its presence in more than 16 different countries.

All the success that the store has achieved has been because of the high quality of the products, the ease of shopping, the speed of delivery and shipping, as well as the contoius offers and discounts through the effective Max Fashion coupon for all users.


What Are The Available Sections At Max Fashion Store?

Max Fashion store displays its products in many different sections to make it easier for the customer to shop online, and the store sections are:


Women’s Section: This section contains a lot of subsections such as different clothes, lingerie, sleepwear, T-shirts, maternity clothes, and others. Through the Max Fashion Code, you can get an instant discount. Make sure to use it when purchasing your order. 

Men’s Section: This is the kingdom of men, as it contains all the clothes for men, including sports, winter and summer clothes, T-shirts and other clothes, where you can get them at a huge discount through the very special Max Fashion code.

Children’s Section: This section includes all children’s clothing from birth to the age of 16 years, from the finest international brands, using Max Fashion code to offer a huge discount on your purchased order. 

These are the most important sections in the store, and each section has many categories that contain a lot of products from the most famous different brands, and the store allows the buyer to get any of these products at low prices and major discounts through the Max Fashion promo code that you can find it here on Coupon5sm Website




What Are The Most Important Products Offered By Max Fashion Store?

Max Fashion store offers a group of wonderful products that belong to well-known brands worldwide. You can get the best products with great purchase discounts through the wonderful Max Fashion discount code available on our website.

The following  are some of the  most important products offered by Max Fashion Store:


  • Blouses and T-shirts
  • Jeans and Pants
  • Leggings
  • Hoodies and Sweat
  • Sportswear
  • Maternity clothes
  • Men’s Shirts
  • Cardigans and sweaters
  • Coats
  • Decorations 
  • Bathing and grooming tools
  • Shoes
  • Kitchen tools


What Are The Features of Max Fashion Store?

  • It has an elegant and simple design for an easier shopping process for all shoppers.
  • It keeps its users up-to-date with the latest products.
  • You Can Get discounted products through gift cards.
  • Solving problems when facing one by calling the support number and sending an email to the store.
  • Get different products for children, women, and men.
  • Max Fashion coupon code is available permanently for all customers.
  • Offers from the site on the prices of most products are always available.
  • You can easily return the products and get a refund again.
  • The store offers a shipping and delivery experience of the highest level.
  • You can pay through any method that suits you, and before completing the payment, you can use the effective Citymax promo code to get more discounts for all countries.
  • Subscribe to the store’s newsletter to receive all news and special offers and discounts. 


How Can I Download Max Fashion Application?

The store offers an easy way to shop by launching an application that helps to easily obtain the product that the customer wants, as well as to make browsing through the application faster than browsing from the website of the Max Fashion store, the application can be downloaded through the following links:

Download Max Fashion app for Android

Download Max Fashion app for iPhone

The application offers many gifts and discounts to users by using the effective Max Fashion coupon code for all products.

Payment And Fees At Max Fashion store:

What are the aviable payment methods at Max Fashion ?

To have a unique shopping experience and pay using the safe and appropriate method for you, the store provides many multiple payment methods, including:

  • Payment upon receipt of the product “cash payment”.
  • Payment by credit card.
  • Payment via PayPal. 


Whatever payment method you choose, you can get a discount through the Max fashion promo code, which is available on Coupon5sm website on a renewed basis.


Is Citymax Fashion store safe to use my credit card?


Of course, the store has a high-level encryption system that works to protect your shopping experience from hacking or some kind of inconvenience. Now you get safe shopping and a massive purchase discount with the special Max Fashion Code.


Shipping and Delivery At Max Fashion Store



What is the shipping period at Max Fashion store?

Max Fashion offers a very special and amazing shipping and delivery policy, products are delivered within 2 working days within Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam and 4 working days for any other area.


What is the shipping cost in Max Fashion store?

The cost of delivery, if the price of the order is more than 200 SAR, you will get a free shipping service and a fee of 18 SAR for the cash on delivery service, and if the price of the order is less than 200 SAR, the shipping cost will be 18 SAR and the cost of the cash on delivery service is also 18 SAR Saudi.

You can compensate for the price paid in the delivery process if the order is less than 200 riyals by using the Max Fashion coupon code to get an effective discount on the product price.


Can I get free shipping at Max Fashion?

Yes, you can get free shipping on purchases of more than 200 SAR.

Can I track my order in Max Fashion Store?

Yes, you can track your order through emails, smartphone messages, and by communicating with customer service.

What countries does Max Fashion store ship to?

Max Fashion store provides delivery service to your doorstep in the following countries:

  • Kingdom Saudi Arabia
  • The United Arab Emirates
  • Kuwait
  • Bahrain 
  • Egypt

Returns And Exchanges Of Products At Max Fashion Store:

Can I return and exchange products at Max Fashion?

Yes, you can return the products if you are not satisfied with them, and you can also replace them with another product within a period not exceeding 14 days from the date of receivng them.

What are the non-returnable products at Max Fashion?

Max fashion wesbite always works for the customer’s satsisfcation and in order to provide all the advantages that the customer is looking for when making the shopping process, and the return process can be made with ease, but the wesbite does not accept returning some of the products, including:

  • Products that have been used.
  • Products that have been damaged by misuse even if they are still under warranty.
  • Maternity products, diapers, and jewelry.
  • Cleaning supplies and perfumes.
  • Pillows – sheets – bedspreads – mattresses – bed sets – duvets – towels.


If you want to change the size or color of the product, you must return the product first and then purchase the new product, as the site does not accept the replacement policy at the current time.

How long does it take to transfer the refunded amount at Max Fashion store?

Once the product arrives at Max Fashion, the transfer will take place within 7-14 days, until the returns are received and their condition evaluated.

How can I contact Max Fashion customer service?

Customer service is available 24/7 and is ready to respond to all inquiries, complaints, and suggestions, and you can communicate with them easily through several methods, including:


  • Contact via e-mail.
  • Contact via phone number: 8001111629
  • Contact them via Facebook page messages.
  • Send a tweet to the official Twitter account.


If you have any questions regarding shopping on the site, tracking the order, the delivery service, or using the Max Fashion discount code, you can get a response through the customer service with ease.


Best Max Fashion Discount Codes


MaxFashion Coupon


Get a big discount from Max store of 20% through the effective Max Fashion Coupon on any men’s products inside the store, clothes, fashion, shoes, accessories, or bags, get the Max fashion coupon now and enjoy getting the best men’s products at the lowest price.


Max Fashion Promo Code KSA


City Max store provides its users in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a discount on any product for women or children through the Max Fashion Promo Code KSA, which deducts 50 riyals from the order price, which can be used when purchasing any product from the store in Saudi Arabia, save now 50 riyals when using this wonderful code.


City Max Discount Code 30%


Shoes are one of the most important things that the user is always looking for, so customers of the Max Fashion store can get any shoes for men, women, or children from the store with a discount of up to 30% of the shoe price, by using the City Max Discount Code that is available on our website.


Max Fashion Promo Code


Promo codes provide users with the biggest real discounts on product prices, and there is a real discount for customers inside UAE of 50 AED by getting a Max Fashion Promo Code

For UAE residents and using it when purchasing from the store.


Max Fashion Discount Code Saudi Arabia


Max Fashion discount code Saudi Arabia provides 15% of the order price when purchasing any product using this code inside the Kingdom, Max Fashion discount code Saudi Arabia is effective for men, women, and children in all countries where the store operates, get now a Max discount code in order to achieve a discount on the price of any product inside the store.


City Max Coupon Egypt 


City Max store offers all users in Egypt the best effective City Max Coupon for all children’s products in order to make them happy as much as possible. By using City Max Coupon, you can get discounts on the products available in the children’s section at a rate of up to 40% on the order price.


How can I Shop And Use Max Fashion Promo Code?


  • First, log in to the store or create an account, choose the product you want from the store, either from its section, or type the name of the product in the search bar at the top of the main site.
  • Then click on “Add to Cart”.
  • If you want to add another product to the cart, click on “Continue Shopping” and you can buy the product directly by clicking on “Pay Now”.
  • You can use the Max Fashion coupon code by clicking on the word “Use Now” at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Paste the copied Max Fashion discount code from Coupon5sm website and then click “Apply”.
  • Thus, the discount is achieved, and to complete the purchase, you must click on “Pay Now”.



Frequently Asked Questions About Max Fashion Store



Question: Does Max Fashion store provide original products?

Answer: Of course, the store offers its products from the best international brands, as they are products manufactured by the largest experts and designers in the world.


Question: How can I track order in Max Fashion store?

Answer: Max Fashion store offers an order tracking service through the shipment number that is sent to the customer via email.


Question: How can I get a free delivery service?

Answer: By ordering products worth more than 200 Saudi riyals, delivery will be free of charge.


Question: Can I use the Max Fashion discount code more than once?

Answer: Yes, one customer can use the City Max discount code more than once to get discounts on every shopping transaction.


Question: Does Max Fashion store provide daily deals?

Answer: Of course, the store provides daily offers on product prices, in addition to providing the Max Fashion promo code, which is located on our website, to obtain more discounts.


Question: Can I return the product to the store and get a refund?

Answer: Yes, the store offers a return service, and when the conditions are met, the amount is returned to the account.


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How to buy from Max Fashion by Video

 How to buy from Max Fashion by Video