Ounass Code 2021 (ACO28)

Ounass is a site specialized in online shopping. This site was established in late 2016 and offers a lot of different products at the lowest prices ever through the Ounass Code, as it contains more than 150 international brands that provide products for men, women, and products especially for children, this site makes many discounts and offers for users, and they can buy products at low prices through the Ounass Code 2021.
Discount 20%
Code No Expires

Ounass Promo Code 20% On Order Value

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Discount coupon details from Ounass :

Details of Ounass Promo Code:

-20% discount on the original price of the products.
-Activate this code inside Saudi Arabia and the UAE in order to get the discount.
-Use the code more than once to get discounts on every shopping process.
-Effective discount code on the most important products available in the store.

Discount 17%
Code No Expires

Ounass Discount Code up to 17 % On All Products

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Discount coupon details from Ounass :

Details of Ounass Discount Code:

Ounass Discount Code is effective on all store products for different departments.
Ounass Discount Code is effective at 17% of the order price.
Ounass Discount Code provides a discount for all users in the Gulf countries.
The customer can use the Ounass Discount Code more than once.

Ounass Discount Code


Ounass offers us Ounass discount codes in order to get products at  Very special prices, besides the Ounass store discounts that reach 30% when obtaining the Ounass discount and use it in the shopping process. Use Ounass Discount Code for shopping and save your money.


Information About Ounass Store 


Ounass is one of the most important online stores today. This store contains more than 150 different brands of luxury products that have been designed by the largest designers in the Arab world, including women’s clothing, beauty supplies, bags, home, and living supplies.


Ounass store includes more than 600 international brands and also contains very unique regional brands that provide you with unique shopping for the best international products at low prices in addition to the huge discounts we get when using the unique Ounass promo code.


Ounass website is characterized by many services that are not found in competitors’ websites, such as free delivery of products, different payment methods, ease of communication with customer service, ease of exchange or return of products, and custom designs that can be made on-demand locally. All lovers of beauty, elegance, and luxury products should visit Ounass store.


The Ounass store offers high-quality products that are characterized by being from international brands, not only this, but the store also adds the latest international designs of the most famous designers in the world at prices and purchase discounts that you will not find cheaper at all, copy now the Ounass discount code and use it when purchasing to get a great discount.


When And Where Was The Beginning Of Ounass Store?


This site was started in 2016 by Khalid Al Tayer, CEO of Al Tayer Insignia Company, and this was the beginning of the launch of the Ounass website, which specializes in modern and luxurious elegance products for men, women, and children.


The company is headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the company offers its luxury products in various countries within the Middle East, starting from the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman, and the company seeks to increase its service area to more than that.


What Are The Available Departments in Ounass?


The store includes a group of main sections through which you can shop and get the best products, let’s get acquainted with those sections:


Women’s section: It displays thousands of products from the most famous international designers who have left a large imprint in the world of women’s fashion, in addition to the gifts section, which displays on the platform many products that can be presented as a gift to your colleagues, in addition to wedding items such as dresses, all pre-wedding requirements, and honeymoon requirements In addition to the clothing of various styles and designs offered by the Ounass store.



Men’s section: The store offers, through the men’s section, the latest fashions during the year that add to the appearance of men a lot of elegance, by providing clothes and fashions for the most famous international designers of men’s clothes, as well as providing all kinds of clothes that a man needs to express his personality through, in addition to shoes 100% original and high quality.



Children’s Section: It displays the best pieces of children’s clothing of all ages, and for designers specializing in children’s clothing, the site also displays clothes for boys and girls of young age, as well as infants and shoes of various sizes and designs.


We have provided you with the most important sections in the fabulous Ounass store. You can shop and get fashion belonging to international brands at the lowest prices when using the Ounass discount code when making a purchase.


What Are The Most Famous Brands in Ounass Store?

Ounass store offers very cool fashion items from the most famous international brands that you can get at low prices through the great purchase offers that the store offers through the Ounass coupon code.


  • Gucci
  • Fendi
  • Kenzo
  • Emporio Armani
  • Dolce and Gabbana
  • Mergerm 
  • Khloe 
  • Prada
  • Zimmermann
  • Solace London



What Are The Most Important Features Of Ounass Store?


  • The store offers a lot of offers and these purchase offers increase on important occasions.
  • The store includes many easy categories, which make the user reach the piece he wants easily.
  • The store design is very elegant and beautiful in addition to being simple and easy to use.
  • It allows the buyer to track his shipment and know when it will arrive.
  • The store has a great selection of the best carefully selected products.
  • Customer service within the Ounass store is of a high level and gives you answers to all your questions.
  • You can get free delivery on all products.
  • You can buy high-quality and elegant fashion by shopping through VogaCloset special store.
  • A very special delivery service that provides you with fast delivery to your doorstep.
  • The site’s blog contains distinguished information on the best modern fashion.
  • The Ounass discount code provides you with very superior service and huge discounts on all products.
  • Follow the store on social media and learn about the best and latest trends in the world of fashion.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter via e-mail to receive all new and distinctive.


How Can I Buy From Ounass?


  • Start by logging in when you go to the Ounass store, shop as you like inside the store and get the best modern fashion, or you can search for a specific product through the search bar, then click on “Add to Shopping Bag” and then click on “View Bag”.
  • Through this page, you can use the special Ounass coupon code and get a huge instant discount on the order, then click on “Secure Payment”.
  • On this page, make sure to enter the important information required of you in order to complete the delivery of the order to you successfully, and to choose the most appropriate payment method.
  • When you click on “Complete the order”, you will receive a message containing the Ounass code for your purchase and the delivery date.


How Can I Get The Ounass Application For Free?

The store provides the best ways to reach the convenience of the user by creating an application that facilitates the purchase process for the customer. The application is available for all phone systems such as Android and iPhone so that the purchase and shopping process is available to the largest number of users.


Download Ounass App for Android


Download Ounass App for iPhone


How Can I Pay In Ounass Store?


Ounass provides us with multiple payment methods that are reliable and provide a unique shopping experience for all users, the most important of which are:


  • Payment by MADA .
  • Payment through Visa Card.
  • Payment through MasterCard.
  • Payment through Paypal.
  • Cash Upon Receiving The Order 


Make sure to choose the most appropriate payment method for you in all cases, all methods are safe, so you do not need to worry, you should use the Ounass discount code that provides you with huge discounts on all the fashion inside the store.


What Is The Shipping Cost Inside Ounass store?


Ounass offers its own delivery service completely free of charge.


What is the shipping period inside Ounass store?

Ounass Store provides us with a shipping and delivery service for products in the fastest time and with ease, and these products are delivered free of charge.


Products are shipped in Dubai in less than 2 hours from ordering the product.

In the United Arab Emirates, it takes place on the same day.

As for Gulf residents residing outside the United Arab Emirates, it will be shipped to them within 48 hours.

Residents of Saudi Arabia and Qatar Ships within 4 to 6 days of product confirmation.


Can I track the order inside the Ounass store?


Ounass store provides you with the service of tracking your order through your emails or through text messages that arrive on your smartphone


What is the return policy for Ounass products?

You can return the products within 30 days of receiving the product, and that is free of charge, but this is done with some conditions.


It is the non-use of the product and that the product is present with its original packaging, but there are some products that cannot be returned, such as personal products or cosmetics.


How Can I Contact Customer Service At Ounass Store?

Customer service on Ounass website is excellent and you can communicate with them easily, as there are several ways to communicate with customer service and these methods are:


Contact via e-mail: customercare@ounass.com

Call via the toll-free number: 0687844800

Visit the nearest Ounass branch.


How Do I Order Products From Ounass?

The website provides us with the ability to order products with ease and through simple steps that do not require effort. The product can be ordered as follows:


  • You can search within categories such as clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc.
  • Choose the product you want to buy and choose the desired size.
  • Then click on “Add to Bag” and you will find the product you have chosen in the shopping bag that you find at the top right of the page.
  • Then click on the “Continue Shopping” option.
  • Then choose “Proceed to Payment” and the shopping process will be completed and the product will be shipped.
  • You can use the Ounass code and get a special and instant discount.


Types of Ounass Discount Codes

Ounass Code 


Ounass store works to make users happy and works to satisfy them permanently and provides all the benefits the customer needs. The customer is looking for a Ounass Code, through which he can buy products at the lowest prices, and this discount reaches 20% on many products available in the store.


Ounass Promo Code

Now the Ounass store offers us a huge discount on any product of women’s shoes inside the store and a discount of 25% of the product price, where users can get flat shoes, sandals, high-heeled shoes or easy-to-wear shoes through the Ounass Promo Code 25%, which is one of the best Coupons available in Ounass store.


Ounass Discount Code


Ounass offers its fans an Ounass discount code on the price of men’s watches, as many watch lovers are looking for the best types of watches at special prices, so through this Ounass coupon, we can get classic watches, sports watches, or smartwatches at prices that differ from their prices in competing stores.


Ounass Coupon code


We offer you one of the best and most important Ounass store codes that millions of shoppers search for. It is the Ounass coupon code, which works and is available to those who use the store within the United Arab Emirates. This code provides 50 dirhams of the order price, and it is an effective code on all products in the store.


Ounass Coupon


A special opportunity for all Ounass store users inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You can now get bags and accessories for men, women or children at a 15% discount from the product price when using the Ounass coupon, which is available to all Saudi residents.


How To Use Ounass Discount Code From Your Phone? 


  • After entering the discount coupon site, we have to click on the Ounass store.
  • Then copy the Ounass code to be used in the shopping process, and you will be transferred to the store.
  • We must first log in to the store and then complete the shopping process.
  • We browse the Ounass store and choose the product we want.
  • Then we click on “Add to Shopping Bag” after confirming all the product information.
  • Paste the coupon and click on “Use”.
  • After that, we got a discount, we click on “Secure Payment” to complete the purchase.
  • How to use the Ounass discount code from the computer
  • First, you must choose the Ounass store and click on it from the discount coupon site.
  • You will be redirected to the Ounass store page, choose the Ounass coupon you want to use and click “Copy the coupon”.
  • After we transfer to the store, we have to log in or create an account in the Ounass store first.
  • We shop in the store and choose the product we want.
  • We will be taken to the product page and we have to verify all the information related to the product and then click on “Add to Shopping Bag”.
  • To complete the purchase, you must click on “View Bag” in order for our bag to be displayed and the payment process will be completed.
  • We paste the coupon in the space provided for it and then click on “Use”.
  • Therefore, we get a discount and to complete the shopping process, you must click on “Secure Payment” and specify the address and phone number only.


Frequently Asked Questions about Ounass Store



Question: What are the shipping destinations within the Ounass store?

Answer: Shipping destinations are Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman.


Question: How can I place an order as a gift within the Ounass store?

Answer: You can buy any product as a gift by adding a “gift” note to any order through your shopping bag.


Question: Is it possible to track the order in Ounass people?

Answer: Of course, you can track your order within the application or through the website.


Question: How can I get the Ounass coupon?

Answer: The Ounass coupon is available on our site, a discount coupon continuously and renewed all the time.


Question: Can I get a free delivery service in Ounass?

Answer: Yes, there are no additional costs for shipping, the shipping service is completely free, remember you must use the Ounass voucher to get a huge discount.

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How to buy from Ounass by Video

 How to buy from Ounass by Video