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Pat Pat store offers a large selection of items for children's and mothers' apparel. Every new mom may shop and receive an amazing deal on all things with Pat Pat promo code.
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Pat Pat Coupon Code Up to 50% in National Day + 10% Extra For Coupon Pamper your kids and get them all their clothes, shoes, accessories, and toys at a significant discount by applying Pat Pat Coupon Code on Saudi National Day. More about Pat Pat store Enjoy your shopping in the Saudi National Day Offers by […]

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Discount coupon details from Pat Pat :

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Patpat Discount Code 10% exclusive provides many offers and discounts on some products that mothers can buy for their children at very low prices, through the effective Pat Pat Discount Code that helps the buyer to get a 10% discount when purchasing any product inside Store, all you have to do is copy the pat pat Discount Code.

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Discount coupon details from Pat Pat :

Details of Patpat Coupon:
The code is effective in all Arab Gulf countries.
The code can be used more than once.
The code is valid and has no specific expiration date.
The code is effective on all sections within the store.

The latest Pat Pat discount codes

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Pat pat promo code

Since the store’s beginning in 2014, it has been critical to ensuring that the pricing is reasonable to all customers. Pat pat Store achieved precisely that with a superb range of outfits. Pat pat store also offers various discounts on things that moms may purchase for their children at reduced costs with Pat Pat promo code.

The store always has a beautiful assortment of pat pat vouchers that you can use to gain an immediate discount on all of your purchases. Pat pat coupon can turn you into a fantastic saver; the code can be found on our website coupon5sm, which is currently updated and active.

Details about the Pat pat store

Pat pat store is one of the most excellent places to acquire clothing for your children of all ages, ranging from newborn to 14 years old. Not only that, but you can also discover some great designs of garments and ensembles in which the mother matches the attire with her children.


The store has all of our admiration, which is not our talk but that of our customers, who enjoy this fantastic store and everything it offers. Because of its characteristics, all moms in the Middle East favor Pat pat shop above other stores. That is what causes all parents to rely on the name Pat Pat to purchase all of their children’s necessities.


Thanks to the fantastic store Pat pat, which never fails to amaze the thoughts of many people all over the world with its excellent industrial materials in making clothing for everyone from babies to women. The store has stunning designs from the world’s most famous companies.


Pat pat’s megastore features a large selection of clothing from which to choose your favorite. Pat pat Store also offers its customers a terrific app that has become a constructive alternative to shopping, and its primary purpose is to assist mothers in getting the newest trends in children’s apparel at exceptional discounts and unique with lovely designs, especially for children of all ages.


When was Pat pat shop established?

Albert Wang, the current CEO of Pat Pat’s, and Ken Gao, both of whom hold master’s degrees from Carnegie University, founded the store in 2014. 

The two colleagues have accomplished a lot in the previous few years. One of them is developing a smartphone application. This software has aided in delivering items to mothers and has received endorsements from several well-known figures in recent years.

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Categories in the Pat pat store:

Everything you need for your home or clothes may be found in Pat pat shop’s categories. Pat Pat store sells its items in the following sections:

  • New Arrival category: And those are the products that have lately been presented on the Pat pat store’s online page, where you can receive a big shopping discount with pat pat discount code.


  • Maternity category: This category of the store focuses on clothing for newborns who require special attention in their early days. Remember to apply pat pat coupon code to receive a fantastic discount.


  • 1-4 years baby category: It is the area dedicated to supplying fashion and clothes for children aged 1 to 4, which you can get with a fantastic discount by pat pat code.


  • 4-14 years baby category: A category dedicated to children’s apparel for ages 4 to 14, with beautiful designs available on the Patpat platform, as well as unbeatable rates.


  • Family Kits category: The shop provides Numerous clothing and fashion items, including pieces for moms and children that are comparable to hers, are available at incredibly attractive discounts that can only be acquired on coupon5sm platform via pat pat voucher code, which is regularly updated.


  • Home and baby supplies category: With the unique Pat Pat code on our website, coupon5m, you may get some of the things that come out of apparel and fashion, such as sleeping bags and mattresses, for low costs.


  • Women’s Products categories: When you use Pat pat promo code 2020 on the excellent website Pat pat, you may get fantastic savings on several things that assist the mother care for her children.


Features of Patpat Store:

  • The shop serves all customers in the Arabian Gulf and North Africa.
  • You may obtain the shop shipping service if you live in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, or Qatar.
  • Pat pat shop provides a superb assortment of clothing goods for children ranging from infancy to 14 years.
  • With our coupon, you may get a terrific Pat pat bargain on all goods if you purchase now.
  • The store features a fantastic assortment of high-quality clothing.
  • The store also sells things for moms to use when caring for their children at home or outside.
  • It is now possible to purchase and finish your payment from the comfort of your own home, thanks to Pat pat app.
  • The store offers a wide range of secure payment methods that you may use at any moment.
  • The consumer may return the merchandise within 30 days after receipt for a full refund.


Download the Patpat store app:

You may now use the store’s fantastic app to obtain Products are more straightforward than the electronic platform, and the application is available to all users via the Android and iPhone operating systems:

Download Patpat App for Android

Download Patpat App for iPhone


In Pat pat shop, payment and fees are as follows:


What payment methods are available at Pat pat store?

The store provides our customers with a spectacular assortment of simple payment options that are trending among the masses of internet shoppers all over the world, and these ways include:

  • Visa card payment is accepted.
  • MasterCard is accepted as payment.
  • Pay using mada.
  • Payment is made with an American Express card.
  • UnionPay is used for payment.
  • JCB is used for payment.
  • PayPal card payment is accepted.
  • Payment in cash.

Don’t forget to apply pat pat promo code to receive a substantial purchasing discount on all items sold inside the site.


In Pat pat store, shipping and delivery are as follows:


What is the shipping time frame inside Pat pat store?

The store offers fantastic delivery services; you can expect to get your item between 11 to 17 working days.

What is the cost of delivery within Pat Pat?

Shipping to the Middle East costs 56.26 SAR for any orders with a total value of less than 299.12 SAR.

Does Pat pat store offer free shipping?

Yes, you may get a unique free delivery service if you buy things worth more than 299.12 SAR.

Can I track my order in Pat Pat?

Yeah, of course, by contacting Pat pat store’s support for customers and sending emails.


Return and exchange of products in Pat pat store


How are Pat Pat’s return and exchange policy?

You may return the items you purchase within 30 days of the date the customer got the product in order to return the products to Pat pat shop.

What are the terms and conditions for returning to Pat pat store?

  • It couldn’t possibly have been used before.
  • The item should not be damaged during this time.
  • The item hasn’t been washed yet.

When can I get my money back at Pat Pat’s Store?

When the store certifies the integrity of the return procedure, the money will be returned to you using the same way you used to make an order.


Customer service and contact with Pat Pat:

If you have any questions, you may contact Pat pat store. Pat Pat provides two simple ways to interact with customer care:

  • Contact us via email at opyright@Pat
  • 94041 is the phone number to call.
  • Through the store’s social media channels.
  • The shop allows customers to interact and accept complaints and inquiries via the Contact Us page.


The most well-known Pat Pat store coupon codes

Pat pat coupon

By utilizing Pat pat coupon on our website, an updated and effective discount coupon, you can now buy and receive the trendiest products for children and adults, especially babies, at low rates with special purchase incentives.

Pat pat discount code

Pat pat store offers huge purchasing savings to all people all around the world. With the one-of-a-kind Pat pat discount coupon accessible on our page, you can now get all of your household necessities at low and exceptional costs.

Pat pat coupon code

Use the new Pat pat coupon code to save up to 60% on all purchases from Pat pat shop in the United Arab Emirates, with savings ranging from 15% to 60% depending on the current items. If you have a new baby and want to buy something for them, take advantage of this offer. All of its products are obtained from a single source and are of pleasant and distinctive quality.

Pat pat code

Massive savings on all Patpat shop items; when purchasing from Saudi Arabia, you can receive a 17 percent reduction if the value of your orders is 700 Saudi riyals or a 25 percent discount if the value of your purchases surpasses 1500 Saudi riyals by entering Pat pat code.


How to get a Pat Pat promo code and purchase:

  • You may get a pat pat promo code by searching on our website coupon5sm.
  • There are numerous coupons for the store on our website, from which we choose the one that best matches our needs and click “Copy Coupon.”
  • You may shop using Pat pat app or the website.
  • After you’ve added all of your items to the shopping cart, click Checkout.
  • Enter pat pat coupon at Checkout to enjoy a special purchase discount.
  • Select the appropriate payment option to guarantee a successful transaction.


Frequently Asked Questions about Pat pat Store


Question: Is Pat Pat a decent place to shop for name-brand items?

Answer: Yeah, sure, the store’s items are all from well-known and internationally recognized manufacturers.

Question: Is it possible to receive free delivery in Pat Pat?

Answer: Certainly, if you purchase something worth more than 302.78 Saudi riyals on the Patpat website, you will receive free shipping.

Question: Is it possible to use Pat pat Coupon when making a payment?

Answer: Sure, you may apply Pat pat Coupon on many purchases to gain a significant discount.

Question: Is it possible to pay the delegate in Patpat when they arrive?

Answer: Absolutely, Pat pat shop offers this convenient option of paying when the salesperson appears at your door.


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