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Lyle and Scott promo code 2024 

Lyle and Scott store is considered one of the largest online shopping stores, as it provides the user with various products he is looking for, including clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and other essential products for men and women. All this and more are available at reasonable prices for all users, with exclusive discounts daily. Shop now and get instant deals with Lyle and Scott promo code.
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Lyle and Scott coupons Up to 10% off on all women’s clothes

A Lyle and Scott shop is specialized in selling certain types of products for women and men, such as fashion and shoes, which makes his products in a modern and beautiful way that makes you feel the love and desire to buy more, as he made the dresses in unique shapes for women. Do not miss your opportunity to get many products at half the price from the store, and do not forget to put Lyle and Scott discount code for towels before clicking on the confirmation of purchase inside the store to enjoy the discount or use the Lyle and Scott coupons on our coupon5sm site on purchases from the entire store.

Lyle and Scott store

The excellent Lyle and Scott coupons enable you to buy a lot at half the price only, as it makes huge discounts of up to 10% on all your purchases with straightforward shipping for all cities in the United Arab Emirates, in addition to international shipping to the other Arab countries at an excellent shipping price as well. Use Lyle and Scott coupons on our website.

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Lyle and Scott promo code

The shopping experience through Lyle and Scott store becomes even better when you take advantage of exclusive purchase offers and a special discount when using Lyle and Scott discount code, which enables you to get a discount of up to 30% of the value of your order.

The store is one of the most famous stores on our Coupon5sm website. It works to provide a unique experience and excellent services for every shopper, and this is done through the discounts it offers to users, so you can get a Lyle and Scott promo code through our site to buy from the store at the best prices.


More details about Lyle and Scott store

Lyle and Scott store aims to be the largest online shopping centre in the Middle East over the next few years, as the Brand provides you with a distinctive collection of fashion through which you can look more elegant than usual during the day.

Since its inception, Lyle and Scott have aimed to provide an effective environment for users to satisfy customers everywhere, as the Brand aims to completely reshape the fashion market in the Arab region with a wide range of women’s fashion, shoes and beautiful accessories.

The platform includes many international brands famous for providing a distinctive group of the most essential modern designs you will not find anywhere. The Lyle and Scott discount code enables you to buy with a fantastic discount of up to 30% on all your purchases when shopping now.


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What are the best categories available in Lyle and Scott store?

Men category: The men’s section contains a wide range of men’s products, starting with clothing, wallets and watches with awe-inspiring designs, jewellery, accessories, bags, shoes and glasses of all kinds, which you can get at a special discount with the applicable Lyle and Scott promo code on our website.

Women category: There are clothes, shoes, accessories, women’s bags, fantastic jewellery, and incredible watches, which you can get at massive promotions and sales with the renewed Lyle and Scott discount code on our website,Coupon5sm.

Golf category: this is a special section for all golf lovers; this area provides everything you need, like shorts, trousers, precious accessories, Brand new designer shoes, watches and jewellery. Use this Lyle and Scott coupon code now to get a fantastic offer.


What are the most famous features inside Lyle and Scott store?

  • The website has a very cool and modern design.
  • Special discounts for users everywhere.
  • The store provides a Great app for shopping.
  • Various payment gateways that you can use now.
  • Excellent customer service, and I communicate with you wherever you are.
  • Lyle and Scott discount code to buy with an attractive discount for all items.
  • Fast shipping service to all parts of the Arab world.
  • A special section for everything new in international stores.
  • Various brands exist within the Lyle and Scott platform.
  • Lyle and Scott offer free delivery service on all products above 200 AED
  • You can subscribe to the site’s newsletter by email to follow up on all that is new.
  • You can buy and pay later using Tabby and Tamara.
  • For all customers worldwide, the website provides a considerable deal of Up to 10% off on the first order.
  • You can follow the site’s accounts on social networking sites to see everything that is new.


How can I download the Coupon5sm app for free?

Download the coupon5sm app for free for Android.

Download the coupon5sm app for free on your iPhone.


Payment and fee methods inside Lyle and Scott store


What are the Payment options available in Lyle and Scott store?

  • Pay through: A PayPal card.
  • Payment via: Mastercard.
  • You can pay via Apple card.
  • Pay using: google card.
  • Pay through: a tabby card.
  • Pay using: a visa card.
  • Payment in cash upon receipt.


Delivery and shipping policy inside Lyle and Scott store


What is the delivery period within Lyle and Scott store?

The store enjoys providing a very outstanding and fast delivery service, to reach your order for anywhere you are such as:

  • If you are from Saudi Arabia, you will receive your order within 7-9 days.
  • Prepaid Orders are 5-7 working days in (UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar).
  • In Jordan, the Prepaid Orders are 3-5 Days.


Where can I get the services of the leading Lyle and Scott platforms?

You can obtain the services of the Lyle and Scott platform anywhere in the MENA region now.


Is there a free delivery service inside Lyle and Scott store?

Indeed, the store offers a free delivery service on orders above 200 AED.

When purchasing from Lyle and Scott store, are there any additional fees or taxes?

A minimal fee is charged when delivering within the Arab Gulf countries. You can get a special discount when using the Lyle and Scott coupon.

Can I track my order in Lyle and Scott store?

Yes, of course, You can now easily track your order through the order tracking page in the store.


Return and Exchange Policy


What is the Return policy at Lyle and Scott store?

You can return products within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Can I exchange products in my order in Lyle and Scott store?

Unfortunately, the shop has no exchange policy; you can’t return your order.

How can I get a refund from Lyle and Scott store?

Lyle and Scott shop will send your money back within 5 days from the return date.


Lyle and Scott store customer service and how to communicate with the store:

  • Contact through email:
  • Contact through phone number: 97144928769.


The most famous Lyle and Scott coupons and codes 


Lyle Scott promo code

You can now access the best amazing discounts for the most famous brands with Lyle and Scott platform, the leader in modern fashion. The Lyle and Scott store provides special offers to users everywhere with the renewed Lyle and Scott voucher code on our website, Coupon5sm, now.

Lyle and Scott sale

Huge discounts that you can get with our coupon code now when purchasing the best men’s and women’s clothing from high quality, instant discounts that you can get now with the renewed Lyle and Scott coupon code on our website. Remember now to use the Lyle and Scott discount codes to obtain a massive bargain on all your purchases.

Lyle and Scott discounts

Buy now all the clothes and accessories for your husband or yourself at a meager price using the Lyle and Scott promo code on our website. Coupon5sm now, Lyle and Scott coupons provide you with a 30% discount on all the items you want to buy now and 10% off on the first order. Hurry up now and shop.


How can I get Lyle and Scott promo codes and finish shopping?

  • It would help if you went to the Coupon5sm platform, where the unique codes are.
  • Search for the featured Lyle and Scott store through the Stores section.
  • You will find many effective discount codes.
  • Copy the appropriate code for your use now.
  • You automatically go to the Lyle and Scott store, where you can shop for the best products for men and women.
  • Add the products you need to your cart.
  • Follow the important information correctly for the product to reach you successfully.


Frequently asked about Lyle and Scott store.


Question: Did the store provide a distinguished service to users?

Answer: You can get a unique service within the excellent Lyle and Scott platform.

Question: Where can I get an effective Lyle and Scott coupon?

Answer: You will find an effective and renewable Lyle and Scott coupon on our website, Coupon5sm.

Question: When can I contact the store’s customer service?

Answer: You can get standard customer service anytime; contact the store.

Question: Can I track my order inside the Lyle and Scott store?

Answer: yeah, you can track your order from your house via your smartphone.

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