Hungerstation Coupon 2021 (YONI30)

HungerStation is one of the best platforms that offer services to deliver food orders, groceries, bread, and other necessary products in our daily lives through cooperating with the largest restaurants, bakeries, pharmacies, and supermarkets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at low prices when using the HungerStation code. These and other products can be obtained At discounted prices through HungerStation promo code, and get an effective discount of up to 50% through the HungerStation code that is available on our website.
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Hungerstation Coupon 20% On All Orders

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Discount coupon details from HungerStation :

Hunger Station Coupon Details:
-Effective discount code 20% off ton your order
-Works with all restaurants.
-You can use the code more than once.
-Special discount code for residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Discount 50%
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HungerStation 50% Off For New Customers

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Discount coupon details from HungerStation :

Hunger Station Promo CodeDetails:
-Order now the most delicious meals with a special discount through the HungerStation coupon.
-Hungerstation Promo Code gives you 50% discount for new customers
-The coupon works for both the old and the new user on the site.
-The coupon works within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
-You can use the coupon more than once.

Hungerstation Coupon

The HungerStation application is considered one of the most important and most powerful food ordering applications in the Middle East. This application offers the best meals and international restaurants. It also offers daily offers and discounts to all customers through the HungerStation code, which reaches up to 50% discounts on the value of the order.


Thus, we can get meals, order food, supermarket products or pharmacy products at the lowest prices, all you have to do is copy the HungerStation promo code from our website, and the application provides many different options and types of restaurants and stores.


To make shopping more fun than ever before, use the HungerStation coupon, which provides you with huge discounts on all the foods you buy from  HungerStation store. You can also get additional discounts through the exclusive HungerStation discount code.


Information About HungerStation Application 


You do not need to call the restaurant or search for the number of any restaurant, as HungerStation application provides you with a unique opportunity to choose your favorite food and order it from the restaurant of your choice, and you can pay for it once you receive it.


HungerStation application is one of the largest shopping and food ordering applications in the Gulf, through which you can communicate with various restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The application also provides users with many discounts when using the exclusive HungerStation Saudi Arabia discount code on our website, COUPON5SM.


Many times when ordering food from any restaurant or different products from the supermarket and different stores, we may encounter many different problems such as that the restaurant or shop does not answer the phone or the confusion between restaurants, so the store will help you to get more restaurants and shops, Hungerstation application provides you with a unique experience in ordering different foods.


This application has become the first application in ordering food and various products from various stores, and major restaurants, thanks to the advantages it provides to users on a continuous basis, the speed of response, ease of delivery, and the availability of various means of payment with the presence of the Hungerstation code on a renewed daily basis, which you find inside COUPON5SM website.


When and From Where Was The Idea Hungerstation Application Comes From?


HungerStation application was established in November 2012 by Ibrahim Al-Jassem in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and later acquisition was made by the German company, Delivery Hero, the owner of Talabat application on HungerStation application.


HungerStation application is the first application in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that is concerned with providing a high-end service to all users, through a huge and distinctive group of the best restaurants, shops, and supermarkets, you can get a special discount when using the HungerStation promo code.


Where Are The Offices Of Hungerstation Company?


Hungerstation offices are located in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Manama.


Sections Of The Hungerstation Application 

In HungerStation there are only two menus  that are available, they  are enough to use the application to get the most delicious foods from the most famous restaurants and the best different products from various shops such as supermarkets, bakeries, and pharmacies in the Kingdom and Bahrain, and these menus are:


Restaurants Section: It is a list through which you can order among more than 400 famous restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, which is characterized by high quality and accuracy in work, in addition to super fast delivery and outstanding customer service, through the HungerStation coupon code, you can get a huge discount for all your orders.



Best Offers: Through this section, you can get the best foods at the lowest price and high quality through the most famous and best food serving restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, with great offers and discounts for all the foods you buy.


You can now take advantage of everything that the Hungerstation app offers and order any product you want right away, and Hungerstation allows you to activate the Hungerstation coupon in order to get a huge discount when ordering from the app.




The most famous restaurants in the Hungerstation Saudi Arabia application:


HungerStation application is very unique among all other applications that provide food shopping services because it contains a wide variety of the best foods. Diversity in foods is one of the most important features of the application, in addition to the presence of real and huge discounts when using the HungerStation discount code available on our website.


  • McDonald’s
  • Pizza Hut
  • Fridays
  • Hardee’s
  • Kentucky
  • Burger King
  • Subway
  • papa johns
  • Texas Chicken
  • Spice
  • Pink mango Indian cuisine
  • Mix and choose
  • crown garden
  • shawarmer
  • Al Tazaj 
  • Rito Shawarma
  • Najd Village
  • Grill House
  • Diwaniyah Heritage Monastery

The most famous restaurants in the Hungerstation Bahrain application:


  • McDonald’s
  • Subway
  • Dunkin
  • wazzup dog
  • papa johns
  • Chili’s
  • Cake Boutique
  • Pizza Company
  • Koshary El Basha
  • Shi Sha’abi 


Hungerstation app features:


There are many advantages of Hungerstation in ordering food and products, and its most important features are:


  • It provides us with a simple and easy experience in ordering food.
  • Secure payment by credit card can be used.
  • You can schedule orders in advance.
  • You can easily browse the restaurant menus.
  • Saves you the step of waiting on the restaurant phone to order food.
  • The customer service team is distinguished and follows up on the request.
  • You can save money by using the exclusive Hungerstation coupon.
  • It provides daily offers for all customers.
  • We are available all day to serve you at the highest level.
  • The application is completely free to download without any charges.
  • The Hungerstation application supports the use of the Hungerstation code exclusively.
  • You can find all kinds of foods that everyone loves.
  • You can get the most delicious and best food ever from various international and local restaurants
  • Easy access to the foods you need in the least time and to your door.
  • Follow the store via the app for special offers offered throughout the year to all users.



Features of the HungerStation coupon (5SM) provided by

  • A code that gives you 20% cashback on your order
  • The code is valid for all customers
  • The code is valid when re-ordering
  • Hungerstation exclusive code gives you a cashback discount on all restaurants


Download the Hungerstation Store app:


Food delivery needs speed as well as ordering it, so HungerStation provides an application that its user can order food as soon as possible, in addition to the fact that the application is free to download through the following links:


Download the Hungerstation app for Android


Download the Hungerstation app for iPhone


Payment and fees in Hungerstation store:


What are the payment methods in Hungerstation?


The Hungerstation application provides many safe and reliable payment methods, we now know the most important of those methods, which come as follows:


  • Pay cash upon receiving the order.
  • Payment through credit cards.
  • Payment through mada card.
  • Payment through the electronic wallet available in the Hungerstation account.


The application facilitates the purchase and payment process for the customer, so it provides the previous methods in order to choose the appropriate ones for payment. Before completing the payment process, the application allows the possibility of using the HungerStation discount coupon, so you have to copy the new HungerStation coupon from our website to get a discount of up to 50% on various orders.


Is Hungerstation Store Safe to Use Your Credit Card?

Yes, the store provides you with outstanding security and reliability to maintain your privacy and give you a great shopping experience. The application includes a high-level encryption system to protect users’ information, so there is no need to worry.


Shipping and delivery in the Hungerstation store:


What is the delivery time for in Hungerstation?


HungerStation enjoys a very fast delivery of orders to customers, and this feature is the one of the most important features that made it spread in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, as HungerStation gives the customer the ability to cancel the order if it is more than 20 minutes late, and the ability to recover the amount paid.


This is what made the HungerStation application popular in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain on an ongoing basis, as it has a superior delivery service that none of the other applications can provide.


How much is the delivery fee from Hungerstation?


HungerStation offers a unique service and no fees are charged for the service provided by the site, the amount you pay is the same as the amount of the restaurant, you can pay less by using the HungerStation discount coupon.


What are the working hours inside Hungerstation store?


Working hours inside HungerStation store are extended 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.


What countries does Hungerstation store operate in?


HungerStation store operates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain throughout the week and around the clock.


Can I track My Order From Hungerstation?

Yes, you can get a special service to track your order as soon as it leaves the restaurant or shops, through HungerStation application and via text messages on your smartphone.


Can my order be canceled in Hungerstation?

Yes, within a period not exceeding 3 minutes from the application process.

The application has the right to refuse the request in case of incorrect information.



Hungerstation store application customer service and how to contact them:


The HungerStation application provides very excellent customer service and always works to help customers in every possible way, as you can receive inquiries, complaints, and suggestions at any time, you can contact them through: 


  • Customer Support at the following email: 
  • Call their mobile number: 920010146
  • Contact them online when filling out the electronic form.


How Can I Register in Hungerstation?

In order to complete  purchasing your order, you must first register in the application, either by linking the account to your own account in Facebook, Twitter or Google, or by registering by placing your mobile number, writing the name and writing the password, then pressing the “Register” button, and then An activation number will be sent to the number you typed in the number field.


This message contains an activation code that you must write in the activation code box in order to activate your account, do not forget to use the HungerStation coupon code available for new customers to get a huge discount on the first order.


How to order food using Hungerstation Coupon?


  • You can order food by going to the place box, then selecting the city, and then selecting the area.
  • You will be taken to the second step, which is to select the restaurant, and you will see many types of restaurants, and when you choose any type, many restaurants will appear from which you can choose your favorite restaurant.
  • After that, you will be taken to the menu, through which you can select the meal you want to order and press add, after selecting the meal you want, click on the word “Next” on the left of the page, after that it will take you to the last step.
  • The last step is to use the HungerStation coupon and confirm the order. Here, you have to specify the address in detail, and copy the HungerStation coupon code (5SM) in the specified place, and then click on “Order” and thus you have been able to order food and get a discount, and the order will be delivered to the address written in quickly.


Browsers that support ordering with a HungerStation coupon


  • It is possible that HungerStation will not be able to run on your personal device and this may be because the site does not support running on Internet Explorer version 6 or less.



  • Since the site supports running on the following browsers “the eighth and ninth versions of Internet Explorer – Mozilla – Firefox – Chrome – Safari”, these are the browsers that support the operation of the HungerStation website.


What types of restaurants are available in Hungerstation?

There are many different types of restaurants available in Hungerstation, and the most important types of these restaurants are:


  • Coffee Shops and cafés
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Sea ​​food
  • Healthy food
  • Arabian food
  • Italian food
  • BBQ Restaurants
  • Shawarma Restaurants
  • International Restaurants

The user can order food from any of the previous restaurants and take advantage of the HungerStation offer that he offers by using the HungerStation promo code.


How is the shopping experience at Hungerstation?


The HungerStation application provides you with a very easy experience in ordering, where you will find in the main site a side address called “Select your address” through which you can choose your city or specify your current location to receive food without having to write the full address.


What is the Hungerstation cashback coupon?


The HungerStation cashback discount code gives you a cashback of 20% on the value of your order. The cashback means that 20% of the value of your order will be refunded to your account again in the HungerStation balance so that you can use this balance to buy food for free on the next order.


Very simply, if you make an order from HungerStation worth 100 riyals, 20 riyals will be refunded in your wallet balance on the application to be able to use it when you order from Hungerstation next time.


Best Hungerstation Codes


Hungerstation discount code today

Many users prefer to order food from restaurants instead of making food at home because of what restaurants are characterized by fast delivery and quality of food, and the HungerStation website makes it easier for us to contact the restaurant, in addition to providing exclusive discounts on the prices of all orders when using the exclusive HungerStationcode today. within our site.


Hungerstation coupon today


We can now order food easily through the HungerStation website with discounts on food prices when using the HungerStation coupon today, which HungerStation provides us permanently for a better process of ordering food, browse the HungerStation app now and see the latest price lists for the most famous stores to get what you want from Food with discounts inside the Kingdom through the HungerStation code today.


Hungerstation code today


An amazing opportunity for all shoppers inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to get all the different products from the supermarket with the highest possible quality, with an effective and exclusive discount through the HungerStation code today on our website.


New Hungerstation discount code 


In addition to all the services and features that HungerStation offers us, it provides us with special discounts and offers on all products that can be ordered from pharmacies, up to a 20% discount, and this great discount can be obtained when using a new HungerStation discount code from our website.


Hungerstation coupon code today


HungerStation provides users with the best experience in order to get fresh food right away, and offers users a 20% discount through a HungerStation promo code on our website.


Hungerstation Promo Code today


A HungerStation promo code is available for all customers using the application within the State of Bahrain to offer them an effective 30% discount on all orders. Use the HungerStation promo code today if you are a Bahraini resident to get the discount.


New Hungerstation Coupon


HungerStation offers permanent and renewable discounts for all shoppers in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and the user can now order products and get 30% savings on the value of the order through the HungerStation code.




Frequently Asked Questions About  Hungerstation Application



Question: What countries does the Hungerstation application work in?

Answer: The HungerStation app works in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.


Question: Is the order delayed in the Hungerstation application?

Answer: the order doesn’t come late, as the Hungerstation application has a great ability to deliver orders very quickly, as it allows the consumer to recover the full amount paid in the event that the order is delayed more than 20 minutes.


Question: What are the working hours in Hungerstation?

Answer: HungerStation works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the ability to order from HungerStation depends on the dates of the available restaurants.


Question: Does the application offer its users a renewed Hungerstation coupon?

Answer: Yes, on a daily basis, the application provides a Hungerstation coupon for various customers.


Question: Is there a fee to download the Hungerstation app?

Answer: No, there are no fees to download the Hungerstation application, but it is available for download completely free of charge.

How to buy from HungerStation by Video

 How to buy from HungerStation by Video