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Bolt promo code 2024

Bolt is a European mobility company that provides hiring vehicles, micro-mobility, car sharing and food delivery services. You can get a huge discount on your ride when you use the Bolt promo code through our website coupon5sm.

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Discount 20%

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Bolt Discount code 2023

with the Bolt discount code, you can get the lowest possible ride cost. You can enjoy the Bolt discount code when you install the app and, copy the coupon from the coupon5sm app or website, then use it while booking your ride. You will obtain the best experience of mobility. All coupon codes are continuously updated and effective around the clock.

 Bolt Store

Bolt is the first transportation app that provides the best means of transportations among cities. it also offers food and grocery delivery. you can book your trip in few minutes. you can enjoy moving among more than 45 countries and +500 cites around the world. also the bolt company has over one hundred million users across the word

Bolt promo code

Bolt coupon code up to 20% off on services for old customers

Copy this code and use it at checkout

Discount 20%

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Bolt Discount code 2023

Bolt store offers a great “bolt discount code” of up to 20% for its old users; all customers can use this discount code before paying for a trip. So if you want to save more money, you must install the Bolt app to use it easily. Before that, you should go to the coupon5sm app or website to copy your suitable coupon and copy then paste it into its place before payment.

 Bolt Store

Bolt store offers the quickest way to deliver you to your destination. You don’t need to buy a personal car after that. Just order your ride, and you will get your vehicle in a few seconds. Enjoy your experience with safe and comfortable bolt vehicles and convent.

Bolt promo code

Bolt discount code up to 20% off for old customers

Copy this code and use it at checkout

Discount 30%

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Bolt Promo code 2022

One of the prominent features of the bolt store is offering an excellent Bolt promo code to save money as much as possible. All new customers can enjoy this offer of up to 30% off. Just install the Bolt app to be able to apply it.

Bolt store

Bolt company seeks to make our future more bright and green, and it will aim to use electric cars to offset Co2 that harms the environment. the team of the company collaborates together to execute this plan. They have planted more than eleven million trees to make mobility more natural for the bolts rides.

Bolt promo code

Bolt Promo code up to 30% on all servicers for new customers

Copy this code and use it at checkout

Discount 30%

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Bolt promo code 2022

The bolt app should be your first choice to order a trip because it provides comfortable vehicles, and you can move safely with it. It also offers a Bolt Promo code that gives you up to 30% off for the first ride. Go to the bolt app and apply the copied coupon to enjoy the instant discount.

Bolt Store

Due to the large base of old and new customers, the bolt store’s main target is to satisfy all of them in several ways. So it provides comfortable means of transportation to make the customer has a matchless experience of his ride and enjoy his trip. All staff are collaborating with each other to serve and deliver you safely.


Bolt promo code

Bolt promo code up to 30% for new customers

Copy this code and use it at checkout

Bolt Promo Code

There are different kinds of transportation, such as cars, scooters and motorcycles. It also presents food and grocery services. You can enjoy all these services with the Bolt promo code that gives you up to 30% off when you obtain it through our website or app of couopn5sm.

More Information about Bolt Store

Bolt store is the first store that provides the best transportation means to help you reach your destination safely and quickly.

The store aims to provide the best alternative to owning cars; it also serves a specific category of people who can’t buy a personal vehicle.


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Bolt Store categories

Product section: this section provides all bolts products of hiring cars, scooters, motorcycles and horse riding. Enjoy up to 30% discount when using Bolt promo code ksa.

Partner section: this section is for everyone who wants to work with Bolt as an affiliate marketer to earn a lot of money. Remember to use the Bolt code before payment.

Blog section: this blogger includes a complete guide to help customers use the app easily. Just use the Bolt discount code for more offers.


Bolt Store Features:

  • A simple and easy-to-use app to reserve your ride fast.
  • Providing excellent mobility services from hiring cars to horse riding.
  • Providing food and grocery delivery to the countries it serves.
  • Offering promo codes and discounts of up to 30% when you make a reservation through the Bolt app.
  • All services are available in more than 45 countries.
  • Professional customers services to respond to queries quickly.
  • Presenting different ways of payment.


Download the Bolt app:

Install the Bolt app for android

Install the Bolt app for iPhone


What are the available payment methods at the Bolt store?

There are different ways of payment, such as:

  • Credit cards
  • Paypal
  • Cash on delivery


What is the reservation policy at the Bolt store?

  • You will find all services when you visit the Bolts website or app.
  • Choose the convenient service and press on it to make a reservation.
  • All services are available in 45 countries; you can go to the Bolts app and see countries that provide its services.
  • You can only pay the reservation fees, and no additional hidden fees exist.


What is the policy for cancelling reservations?

The Bolt store provides cancelling reservations in certain conditions:

  • You can only cancel your reservation after it’s time. The store puts a certain period of cancellation you can stay within.
  • You can’t cancel the service after receiving it, but you can provide feedback.
  • There are no fees for cancellation, and it’s free.


How can I track my order?

You can track your order by contacting customer service via email or phone.


Bolt store customer service and how to keep in touch?

You can contact customer service via Bolt’s app.


The most famous Bolt discount codes


Bolt promo code

 Using the Bolt promo code before payment for the ride will help you save more money. Reserve your comfortable means and enjoy the lowest price for your ride.

Bolt promo code ksa

Bolt promo code ksa enables you to obtain a discount of up to 30% on all services inside Saudi Arabia. You can choose your favourite ride and enjoy Bolt offers.

Bolt discount code

Through the Bolt app, you can buy your grocery products or order your meals, and they will reach you as soon as possible. Take the chance to use the Bolt discount code for a massive discount.

Bolt code

The bolt code lets you enjoy a big offer on the first ride reservation. You can find all bolt services in 45 countries around the world. 


How to get a Bolt discount code and complete my purchase?

  • You will easily find the Bolt promo code when you visit the Bolt app or website.
  • Please, go to the product section and start choosing your convenient service.
  • After selecting the service, it is reserved after pressing on it, and then the payment method will be shown.
  • After selecting the payment method and confirming the reservation, you can apply a Bolt discount coupon in its place.
  • You will obtain up to 30% off on all Bolt services. 


How to get the Bolt promo code?

  • When you go to the coupon5sm app or website, you will find Bolt promo code ksa.
  • After installing the Bolt app, you can copy your applicable Bolt code.
  • Copy the Bolt coupon, and then paste it in its place before payment to get a considerable discount. 


Frequently asked questions about Bolt Discount Code


Question: What are the services that the Bolt store provides?

Answer: The bolt store provides transportation means reservations such as cars and scooters and includes food and grocery delivery.

Question: What is the available offer of the Bolt store?

Answer: The Bolt store’s parents offer up to 30% off in Saudi Arabia.

Question: How many countries does the bolt store offer its services?

Answer: There are more than 45 countries providing bolt store services.

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