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Lynk App coupon code 2024 (C5)

Lynx app helps you to look after your body by providing many services to the store's customers, such as supplying a service for booking massage sessions in the finest care centres at the lowest prices, as the code provides 60 Saudi riyals in the customer's points wallet. Use Lynk app coupon code to get special offers.

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Lynk App Coupon Gives 60 SAR When Signing Up

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Lynk App Coupon Gives 60 SAR

Lynk app coupon provides many services to the store’s customers, such as booking massage sessions in the finest care centres at the lowest prices, as the code provides 60 Saudi riyals in the customer’s points wallet. Please remember to use Lynk app coupon to obtain a great discount on all your services.

lynk app

You can now, through the Lynk application, book any of the offers for your convenience, which are Moroccan bath offers, massage offers, and hair and skin care; although the best specialists are the ones who carry out these care offers, you do not have to pay a large amount of money, This is thanks to the store’s activation of the lynk application coupon, which is available on the coupon5sm website.

Lynk App coupon code

All Women care very much about their appearance, so we provide a Lynk app coupon code for them so that they can take care of their skin and beauty at the lowest possible cost, as this coupon enables them to obtain a considerable discount value in all spa centres and salons that are located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

You can now, through Lynk app, book any of the special offers for your convenience, which are Moroccan bath offers, massage offers, and hair and skin care; however, the best specialists are the ones who carry out these care offers, but you do not have to pay a large amount of money when activating Lynk app promo code.


More information about Lynk store

Lynk App is one of the most essential beauty care platforms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Thanks to the store’s tremendous ability to provide all flexible means of interconnection between the customer and the salons and spa centres near them. The store also provides all the services women need for a beautiful look at the lowest prices.

The store made partnership agreements between many salons and beauty centres, known for the best features among the residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The store was also keen to provide centres that contract with the best beauty and massage experts, such as Moroccan bath specialists, skin and hair care, and other things.


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What are the sections of Lynk App Store?

Women Section: It contains two lists of services that the store provides to women, which are as follows:

  • Service in the center: Through this list, you can book a group within the Lynk Center, which provides you with many offers that serve your comfort and beauty, such as massage and Moroccan bath, which you can get off them at a considerable discount when you use the Lynk app coupon.


  • Service at home: You can now enjoy the Lynk app services even at home, as the store sends a specialized and professional team to provide massages and body care sessions. Use Lynk app discount code. 

Men Section: The store offers impressive sales for in-home massage. Although the store sends the best massage specialists, you can get the service for a minimal fee using the Lynk app promo code.



What are the most essential features of Lynk App?

  • The store has a simple user interface that suits all users from different cultures.
  • The app has partnered with many trusted spa centres.
  • The store supports all other operating systems.
  • You can download Lynk app for free on our Coupon5sm website.
  • The website promotes excellent customer service that has a great deal of experience in dealing with customer problems.
  • Lynk app coupon code is effective and renewable throughout the year.


How can I download Lynk app for free?

By downloading the Lynk app, you can book an appointment inside the care centres and avoid worrying and wasting time.

Download Lynk app for Android.

Download Lynk app for iPhone.


How can I download the coupon5sm app for free?

Coupon5sm is one of the most significant websites that provide discount codes, thanks to the massive amount of features that the store enjoys, the most important of which is that the app is completely free on both the App Store and Google Play.

Download coupon5sm app for Android.

Download coupon5sm app for iPhone.


Payment and fees within Lynk store


What are the payment methods provided by Lynk Store?

  • Payment by: Credit card.
  • Payment by: Visa card.
  • Pay with: a MasterCard.


Can I cancel my appointment inside Lynk store?

OF course, you can cancel your appointment if you have important work.

What is the refund policy followed by Lynk App Store?

The customer has the right to request a refund of the amount he paid as a reservation deposit within 7 days only, and the customer is not entitled to recover the money after this period.

How is the money returned to the customer?

The money will be returned to the customer according to the payment method through which he paid the deposit.


The most famous Lynk app deals


Lynk app promo code

The store has launched a Lynk app coupon code for its customers, through which they can get a pedicure session at the lowest possible prices, starting from 99 Saudi riyals only. Visit our coupon5sm website for a fantastic sale on all the services you need.

Lynk app discount code

Suppose you are waiting for your little one to be born. In that case, you can now book a massage appointment to treat and relieve the pain and hardship of pregnancy, which you can get at a substantial discount, thanks to Hungary placing 60 Saudi riyals in your points wallet when you activate Lynk app coupon during booking.

Lynk app voucher code

You can now follow all the new offers of Lynk app discount coupon by applying Coupon5sm app, through which you can get a tremendous discount value when you book an appointment in massage therapy centres. You can now enjoy the Lynk app’s offers to new customers while they book an appointment in the largest spa and massage centres.

Lynk app voucher coupon

If you feel tired and have insomnia, you can now book an appointment for a therapeutic massage, which you can get at a 20% discount when you activate Lynk app discount code on Coupon5sm website. The store provides the Lynk app coupon code for its Saudi customers to attract the largest possible number of Internet shoppers to book inside the largest massage centres through it.

Lynk app promo code 2023

The Lynk store has launched many codes in front of its new customers to give them the best sense of satisfaction with the store. You can now book an appointment for a massage in the most extensive specialized centres at a price starting from 129 Saudi riyals, thanks to the store’s activation of Lynk app promo code today.


What is the way to activate the Lynk app discount code?

If you want to get discounts for booking sessions in beauty centres, you must first use Lynk app discount code.

  • First, search for Lynk app coupon code within our coupon5sm website using the search bar.
  • After that, click on Lynk app discount code in order to copy the code and then go to the main storefront.
  • Then select which of the sessions you want to book.
  • After that, click on it to start the session reservation process.
  • Place Lynk app discount code in the designated bar during the reservation process.
  • Now you can enjoy all the Lynk app discount code offers you.


Frequently questions asked about Lynk app


Question: Are the centres that the store contracts with good?

Answer: Yes, and for you, thanks to the store team’s keenness to contract with well-known centres with a good reputation and experience.

Question: Is Lynk app discount code available to all store customers?

Answer: No, as the store only released the code to its new customers.

Question: How many times can I use Lynk app discount coupon?

Answer: You can get discounts from Lynk app coupon once to activate the coupon store to work only once with the new customer.

Question: Where can I find Lynk app coupon code?

Answer: you will find a Lynk app promotion code on our website, Coupon5sm.

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