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Kiwi promo code 2024

The Kiwi company is one of the largest and most influential companies in the world, and it is also the first destination for many users worldwide because it offers enjoyable trips at low prices. You can now travel to all parts of the world with a fantastic discount on your tickets. Use the Kiwi promo code to get a great purchase offer.
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With the Kiwi discount coupon, you can get an extraordinary travel experience to all countries of work to enjoy the most beautiful tourist attractions and beaches. You must use the Kiwi discount coupon, which enables you to access a fantastic purchase discount on your reservation. Now you can spend your vacation in famous countries such as Paris, turkey and other amazing cities at great deals and discounts on your reservation. Visit our website, coupon5sm and get a great offer now. 

Kiwi store 

Through the Kiwi coupon, you can access a special purchase offer and a massive discount of up to 30% for all hotel reservations you want. Now, with  Kiwi platform, you can quickly move at very reasonable prices and go to the most luxurious international tourist destinations for the most famous countries in the world with Kiwi Travel and Tourism. Through coupon5sm website, you can obtain a fantastic bargain.

Kiwi promo code

Now you can travel to your favourite country, enjoy different tourist places, and see different cultures face to face through Kiwi store, which offers an exceptional group of the best tourist trips in addition to incredible offers and discounts up to 30% on your ticket. The company also provides a Kiwi discount code, through which we can get a good sale when used during the reservation process.

 You can spend your vacation in the city you want in charming towns with the typical Kiwi application, where you can now get a wonderful stay in the best international hotels and get a special car to move smoothly within the city at a fantastic purchase discount with the Kiwi promo code on our site, coupon5sm.

More information about a Kiwi store 

The beginning was in 2011, and the company owner Oliver Dlouhy was working with others. Still, Joseph Kipsi helped him develop the process of searching for flights through various search engines, and in 2012 the Czech businessman Jezzy Hlavinka became fond of investing in this idea and making a sensation in the global aviation market.

The company was in constant development until 2015, when the growth multiplied staggeringly, as the businessman specialising in digital commerce, Andrej Tomek, estimated the value of Kiwi at 8.3 million euros. In the middle of 2017, Kiwi and Amadeus agreed to create the most extensive database containing flight data In the world; the agreement was called Kiwideus.

Kiwi is the fastest-growing technology company in the history of Central Europe, as the company’s revenues at the end of 2017 amounted to 700 million euros, and in 2018, in June, the company won the title of best startup in the Czech Republic, and this is its second achievement in a row, use a Kiwi promo code and get an excellent discount for all flights and hotels.

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