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Jumia Promo Code 2023

You are about a few clicks from ordering all your groceries, electronics, computing, sporting goods, phones, tablets, baby products, and many other items using Jumia Promo Code and you will get a significant discount.
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Discount coupon details from Jumia :

Jumia Voucher Code With Jumia Voucher Code, you will shop for all the groceries, electronics, home appliances, beauty care products, phones, tablets and other daily needs with a great offer. More Details about Jumia Store Jumia store is the best place to buy all the things you may need for your home and your kids, […]

Jumia Promo Code

It is amazing how many offers you can get just because you have Jumia Promo Code. It gives you access to shop products from supermarkets, electronics, appliances, computing, sports goods, and home furniture.

More Details About Jumia Store

Gathering many stores on one website and having the ability to check all this data from your phone is just a dream come true with Jumia.

Jumia is a real virtual mall; all your needs are about a few clicks from you. All you need to do is download the application on your smartphone for free, and you get access to all the products and main categories in the store.

Besides these features, having a Jumia promo code is a good chance to shop for many items and get a discounted price.

Jumia has tens of products, so to make the website more organized, you will find main categories like supermarket, fashion, healthy & beauty, baby products, phones & tablets, home & furniture, appliances, electronics, computing, sporting goods and many other categories.


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What are the main sections in Jumia?

It is the best time to use your Jumia coupon code while shopping from the website to get the best offers ever. Let’s check some sections that you will find:

  • Supermarket Section: You don’t have to shop for your groceries from the nearest hypermarket, as all you need to find is categorized in a good way that makes your shopping easier and submitting a Jumia promo code gives you a significant discount on your order.
  • Health & Beauty Section: Here, you can find all the products related to personal care, hair care, skincare, fragrances, and makeup. You can get all these products at competitive prices if you have promo code Jumia.
  • Baby Products Section: For all the new mums, it is very important to find all your kid’s essentials in one place as it is possible to miss any item if you are shopping from many websites. All you need is to make a list of your baby’s needs, check this section and add your Jumia promo code for a great discount.
  • Phones & Tablets Section: All the international brands are here, and their products include Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and many others. So you can easily check the website and find out the best offers. 
  • Home & Furniture Section: It is time to use Jumia voucher code in your shopping from the website to change all your home decor and get new furniture at a discounted price. 
  • Electronics Section: Any electronics you get is a long-term investment, so you have to make sure that you put your money into the right thing. With Jumia code, you will buy all the electronics you need and get more offers.
  • Sporting Goods Section: Practising daily sports is a good habit to keep; having the right tools and equipment is a need to start. Shop now for all the tools you need, and submit your Jumia voucher code for more discounts on your order.
  • Gaming Section: Getting original gaming devices is not as easy as it may seem, but with Jumia discount code, you will not only get all the gaming devices, cards, and board games from a trusted place, but you will also get it with an unmissable discount.

This is not everything; Jumia is an integrated store where you will find almost everything you need at competitive prices, though you can get extra offers by applying promo code Jumia.


What are the different brands you can find in Jumia store?

As we know, Jumia is a huge marketplace for the sellers and the buyers. One thing that made Jumia one of the well-known, trusted markets is that you can find many original products from international brands like:

  • Active
  • Adidas
  • American Eagle
  • Defacto
  • Dejavu
  • Dice
  • Fresh
  • Apple
  • Casio
  • Braun
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Oppo
  • Sokany
  • Tornado
  • Xiaomi
  • Samsung
  • Ravin
  • Shein
  • Lc Waikiki

Get your favourite piece now from the store with a significant offer by adding any Jumia promo code today.


What are Jumia store features?

  • Jumia is a big store not just for the usual users but also for the sellers.
  • Any seller on the website will target a big sector of customers and will help to expand their business.
  • Jumia is like a big market, and this makes all the sellers do their best to provide all the customers with high-quality products at competitive prices.
  • A Jumia pay voucher code will give you a great discount on your order.
  • You can connect with Jumia customer service in many ways, and they will answer all your questions and inquiries.


How to Download Jumia Application for Free?

It is important to feel that you have the ability to check the website you want to shop from easily and anytime. This is what the application made; it makes it very easy for everyone to check their favourite websites daily. You will also have the chance to get the latest valid Jumia voucher codes to use:

Get your iPhone version from here

Get your Android version from here


How can I get Coupon5sm application on my smartphone?

For more coupons, not just Mac Cosmetic discount code but also for many stores:

Get your iPhone version from here

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Payment and fees in Jumia store


What are the available payment methods in Jumia store?

Jumia has many users, and they are targeting a big sector of both users and sellers. So they have to provide many payment methods to make it easy for everyone to complete the shopping process successfully.

Available payment methods are:

  • Cash on delivery.
  • Credit Card.
  • Debit Card.
  • Bank transfer.
  • Mobile payment transfer.
  • JumiaPay.


Shipping and delivery at Jumia store


What is the frame time that I expect to receive my order from Jumia?

It depends on two major factors:

  • Your location.
  • The type of delivery is express, standard or global.

For example:

If you are in Cairo, Giza, Alexandria:

  • The express delivery will take 1 business day.
  • Standard shipping will take between 2 and 3 business days.
  • Global shipping will take 14 business days.


If you are in Al Sharqiya, Qalyubia, Al Daqahliyah, Al Beheira, Kafr El Sheikh, Bani Souaif, Al Monufia, Al Gharbia, Suez, Port Said:

  • The express delivery will take between 2 and 3 business days.
  • Standard shipping will take between 2 and 3 business days.
  • Global shipping will take 14 business days.


If you are in North Coast, Sohag, Asyut, Al Meniya:

  • The express delivery will take between 2 and 4 business days.
  • Standard shipping will take between 3 and 4 business days.
  • Global shipping will take 14 business days.


If you are in Al Fayoum, Luxor, Aswan, Ismailia, Damietta, Qena, South Sinai, Red Sea:

  • The express delivery will take between 2 and 3 business days.
  • Standard shipping will take between 2 and 3 business days.
  • Global shipping will take 14 business days.


Can I get free shipping in Jumia Store?

Yes! Jumia has a specific section for free shipping items, and it is updated continuously. Check it now and get an extra discount by using Jumia coupon code for today.


Return and exchange policy in Jumia store

What is the return policy in Jumia store?

If you get an order from the store and change your mind, you can make a return request within 14 days from the date you received your order.

What is the exchange policy in Jumia store?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to exchange products, but you still have the ability to return your order and make a new one.

More about Jumia discount coupon

How can I get the latest Jumia coupon?

With Coupon5sm, you will not worry again about having the latest discount code Jumia and many other stores, as you can easily check the website and then search for the store you want a code for, and you will get it.

How do you use the code Jumia store?

  • Once you have voucher code Jumia you can check the website for all the products you need.
  • Add them to your cart with the quantity you prefer.
  • If you are sure about all the items you added in the checkout step, add your Jumia voucher today.  

Please note that if it is your first time using Jumia application, you will get a Jumia promo code for your first order. 


Most famous vouchers for Jumia store

Jumia Promo Code

Using any promo code for Jumia is a good opportunity to get the best offers on many products in the store that you will get from trusted sellers. If you have any order, then change your mind, you can return it and make a new one.

Jumia Voucher Code

You can check Coupon5sm for the latest Jumia promo code 2023 to use in your next order, and you will have access to the main categories and their products.

If it is your first time making an order, ask about Jumia first order voucher so you can apply for an extra discount. 

Jumia Code

Jumia Black Friday discount code is now valid to use and get incredible offers on original products from international brands. 


Most Frequent questions about Jumia store


Question: How can I get Jumia voucher?

Answer: Coupon5sm has the biggest number of coupons for many online stores, including Jumia store.

Question: Are the products on Jumia original?

Answer: Yes, Jumia is one of the best stores in the Middle East, and it has many products from many international and local brands.

Question: Can I track my order from Jumia store?

Answer: Of course, you can track your order through email.

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