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Unionaire promo code 2023 (UA24)

Unionaire is one of the largest companies in Egypt to provide intelligent appliances and home Essentials with reasonable prices and high-quality materials; using the Unionaire promo codes, valid on the coupon5sm website. The necessity to use Unionaire coupons and Unionaire offers while purchasing from Unionaire store to get matchless discount up to 30% for the total amount of order.
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Discount coupon details from Unionaire :

Unionaire promo code If you want to prepare your home with a high level of home appliances and the lowest budget, you should shop from Unionaire group to save money using the Unionaire promo code while purchasing. The company has many categories of home appliances, cookers, electric ovens, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and screens. […]

Unionaire promo code

If you want to prepare your home with a high level of home appliances and the lowest budget, you should shop from Unionaire group to save money using the Unionaire promo code while purchasing.

The company has many categories of home appliances, cookers, electric ovens, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and screens. You can visit unionaire stores to choose what you need and at least the prices with the unionaire promo code.

Up till now, what do we know about the Unionaire store?

Unionaire group was founded in 1995, and it was ranked as one of the top companies of private sector groups in Egypt.

The company has an apparent Vision to use the best equipment to reach excellent results in the final product to satisfy customers.

Unionaire company considers its customers their successful partners, so they are concerned with their satisfaction and care about them by providing Unionaire promo codes to get top deals coupon5sm website.

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What are the ideal categories for a Unionaire store inside?

Air conditioner category: Unionaire company has High Technology in air conditioners with reasonable prices through the Unionaire code.

Cooker category: this category is essential for every woman to complete her kitchen.

Refrigerator category: this category contains several types of refrigerators. Choose the most convenient for your home with the Unionaire Promo Code.

Deep freezers category: deep freezer is an essential appliance in your home to store your food for a long time at considerable prices. So Unionaire discounts. 

Water heaters Category: this category contains water heaters that operate by gas and electricity for safe use to maintain your security.

The tiny home appliances: category includes electric vacuums, water dispensers, and other devices.

What are the features of the Unionaire store?

  • The store has many features that make it of the top 10 stores in the Middle East.
  • The store gives you up to a 30% off discount on all orders.
  • The platform has a simple design to use easily.
  • The company offers customers fast shipping service to get their orders as soon as possible.
  • The store has a blog containing all vital information about products which users need.
  • The ability to track your order on the Unionaire platform.
  • The company deals with highly skilled customer service to be active around the Clock.
  • Also, there are many options for payment to make the purchasing process easy.

Is The Unionaire application available for free?

Download the Unionaire app today for free on Android

Download the Unionaire app today for free on iPhone

Is the coupon5sm application available for free?


Install the coupon5sm application for free on Android

Install the coupon5sm application for free on iPhone


Fees and payments in the Unionaire store

What do we know about Unionaire store payment methods?

The current methods of payment which the customer can use to pay through are

  • Paying via Visa card
  • Paying via master card
  • Premium card 
  •  Paying via valu

You should use the unionaire code during shopping to take a massive discount.


Shipping and delivery at the Unionaire platform

When can I get my order at the Unionaire store?

The Unionaire store has a fast shipping service to pick up your order in no time.

Does the Unionaire store offer free shipping?

This service is currently not available at the Unionaire store.

What is the cost of delivery service in the Unionaire store?

  • The cost of the delivery service depends on the product price and the location of the customer.
  • Delivery charges To Cities nearest to Cairo are up to 150 Egyptian pounds.
  • Shipping fees to other cities range between 100 to 300 Egyptian pounds.

Do you know if I can track my order through Unionaire services?

Of course, you can track your order through the tracking number sent in the email.


Return and replace items in the Unionaire store.

What do we know about the return and exchange policy in Unionaire stores?

For sorry, return and exchange services are not available now at unionaire stores.

How many days should I have to return an order?

Unionaire store has an outstanding delivery service to get your order within 48 hours.

Unionaire customer service and how can I communicate with them?

You can easily communicate with Unionaire customer service and report any problems via

Email: Online.Sales@Unionaire.Com

Phone number: 19012

Live chat on the unionaire website

Or you can visit the nearest Unionaire branch within working days from Sunday to Thursday.

The best Unionaire codes and coupons

Unionaire promo code

The unionaire promo code is one of the most prominent codes in the store, which gives you up to 30 per cent off all orders. Get up to 30% off all goods in unionaire store one using the unionaire discount code, valid through the coupon5sm application for android and iPhone users.

Unionaire discount code

To prepare your home with a high level of technology of intelligent home appliances, you should visit Unionaire company and browse its products. You will undoubtedly find what you are looking for at considerable prices through the Unionaire discount code.

Unionaire code

Make sure you use the Unionaire code while purchasing from Unionaire Store to obtain an exceptional discount for any item Shop now and enjoy Unionaire vouchers.

What is the procedure for purchasing and finishing shopping at the Unionaire store?

  • You should start with the coupon5sm website via Google.
  • Then search for a Unionaire store at an intelligent bar.
  • Now, the Unionaire store page is in front of you to choose the convenient one and copy it.
  • After copying the unionaire coupon code, you will be directly moved to the unionaire Store Page.
  • Now, you can shop for what you need from the store and add your products to the shopping bag.
  • On the order page, you will find a space to paste the Unionaire voucher code and get an instant discount.
  • Select one of the suitable ways of payment to confirm the process, and then make sure you insert the personal data directly to deliver your order successfully.


Frequently questions about Unionaire store

Question: Can I track my order at the Unionaire store?

Answer: yes, you can track the order tracking number sent to your email.

Question: Can I use the unionaire discount code more than one time?

Answer: of course, you can use the Unionaire discount code for unlimited times.

Question: does Unionaire store provide original Products?

Answer: sure unionaire store provides the original products with identical international standards.


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