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LikeCard Coupons 2023 (5SM)

LikeCard is one of the most important online platforms for providing prepaid cards to its customers in the MENA region. It gives all clients online access to different platforms such as google play, Zain,  Xbox and iTunes. The customer will find a wide range of prepaid cards to use quickly and anytime. With LikeCard Coupons, all customers can enjoy selecting over 1500 prepaid cards and obtain a distinctive discount of up to 15% off.
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LikeCard Coupons up to 15% off on all cards

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Discount coupon details from LikeCard :

LikeCard Coupons LikeCard Coupons present a significant discount of up to 15% off in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the united Arab Emirates. Now you have the opportunity to save money on every shopping process, so the LikeCard website and application will help you due to providing LikeCard Coupons available with you all the […]

LikeCard Coupons

LikeCard Coupons provide a great discount of up to 15% off in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. You have the chance to save money while shopping process, so the LikeCard website and application will help you due to presenting LikeCard Coupons available with you every time you need to get connected with global service providers.

Until now, what is the most popular information about the LikeCard store?

LikeCard was founded in 2014 as one of the pioneering stores in the United Arab Emirates. It’s considered the best way of electronic recharge; these cards are effective to most service providers such as Zain, X box, iTunes, Playstation, Steam, and Game Stop for all countries in the middle east and north Africa. 

When purchasing prepaid cards, you will have a virtual balance that enables you to pay for all purposes. So you can use them immediately. In addition to using LikeCard, Coupons will also grant customers reasonable discounts of up to 15 % off their purchases from the LikeCard app or website.

What are the most famous promo codes similar to the LikeCard promo code?

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What are the best classifications of the LikeCard store?

App store: this section contains iTunes and google play cards with considerable prices with LikeCard Coupons.

Game console cards: you will find in this section cards related to big-name gaming platforms such as x Xbox and PlayStation with affordable prices if you use Like Card Codes.

Gaming card: incredible cards appropriate to Pubg, Roblox, and Minecraft are available on a minimum budget through the Like Card discount code.

Mobile & data: This section here lets you purchase cards for mobile and internet services.

Vod streaming: there are several cards belonging to global platforms such as Netflix: Viu, and shahid.

Online shopping: These cards are helpful for people who are constantly shopping online, especially if purchased at a discount using the Like Card coupon code.

Computer programs: the LikeCard store deals with well-known software corporations like Microsoft and Antivirus.

Delivery apps: get your order now and pay less than expected when you pay by Like Cards.

Brands: All Saudi brands can be obtained at a minimal cost when you apply Like4Card Coupons.

Saving offers: this is a comprehensive section; you can buy what you need of fashion items, home essentials, books, flowers, fragrances, and medical services as well. Please remember to use Like Cards to save more money.

What are the main Outstanding merits of the LikeCard store?

  • LikeCard platform is easy to use and designed.
  • LikeCard stores provide electronic prepaid cards for well-known providers around the MENA region.
  • You can receive a digital code as soon as possible after purchasing your card.
  • LikeCard gives you good deals, up to 15% off, on the product’s total amount when using Like Card Coupons.
  • There are reliable and secure ways of payment available for Arab countries.
  • LikeCard blog posts upcoming news.
  • You can keep in touch with LikeCard via social media platforms.
  • Subscribe to the LikeCard newsletter to receive the latest news.

Is the LikeCard Store application available for free?

Install the LikeCard application for free Android users

Install the LikeCard application for free iPhone users

Is the counpon5sm application available for free?

Install the coupon5sm application for free Android users

Install the coupon5sm application for free iPhone users

More information about methods of payment at the LikeCard store

How can I pay at the LikeCard store?

Customers can choose among several ways of payment, such as:

  • Visa Card
  • Mastercard
  • Paypal
  • Apple pay
  • American Express
  • STC pay
  • Mada
  • Key net
  • Bank transfer
  • Oman net
  • Fawry

Make sure to use LikeCard Coupons while purchasing your card.

What are the leading digital cards available at the LikeCard store?

There are several service providers at the LikeCard application and platform, including:

  • Google Play
  • X box
  • Play station
  • Itunes
  • Zain
  • Pubg
  • Roblox
  • Mobile
  • PSN Saudi

More details about receiving digital codes at the LikeCard store

When can I get a digital code after purchasing from the LikeCard store?

After purchasing, you will get the digital code in an email or text message, Or you can find it in your account on the LikeCard app or website.

More details about replace and return policy at the LikeCard store

What is the replacement and return policy at the LikeCard store?

Unfortunately, all LikeCard products are not eligible to return or exchange because the LikeCard store cannot guarantee that the digital code sent to the customer is still unused. 

What basic instructions should customers be aware of before purchasing from a LikeCard store?

Customers should be aware of choosing the correct card from the concerned store with the right currency to get a successful purchasing process.

Accessible ways of communication with LikeCard store customer service

You can stay in touch with LikeCard customer service via 

  • “Contact us” page
  • Social media platforms (LinkedIn, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, youtube)

Could I use the applicable LikeCard promo codes and coupons?

Yes, you could use applicable Like Card codes through our application coupon5sm.

Like Card Coupons

Customers can stay updated with Like Card Coupons when they connect to our website coupon5sm, which provides several working and valid Like4Card Coupons.

Like Card code

Now you can explore more Like Card codes to take exceptional discounts on your purchases. Enjoy recharging your virtual balance to use it anytime you need without wasting time.

Like Card discount code

LikeCard store has more than 1500 service providers, offering constant discounts on all deals; using the Like Card discount code, you can obtain matchless deals on LikeCard.

What are the main steps from shopping and completing the purchasing process at the LikeCard store?

  • Please, visit our website coupon5sm first.
  • Then search for the LikeCard platform via the search bar.
  • You will find more like Card Coupons Copy Like Card codes you want.
  • Now you are on the official site of LikeCard.
  • Choose a preferable card and apply the LikeCard code to receive a massive discount of up to 15% off your prepaid cards.
  • Now you can access your service at any time without restrictions.

Some of the frequently asked questions about the LikeCard store

Question: What are the available methods of payment at the LikeCard store?

Answer: you can pay via visa card, master card, apple pay, American Express, etc.

Question: how can I obtain Like Card Coupons?

Answer: you can obtain Like Card Coupons through the coupon5sm app or website.

Question: could I share LikeCard Coupons with my friends?

Answer: yes, you can share LikeCard Coupon codes with your family and friends.

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