What Is Noon Customer Care Number in Saudi Arabia?

Noon is one of the remarkable platforms for online shopping nowadays; it represents a significant element in e-commerce in 2024. This store is well known for electronic devices from every brand worldwide. It has a pioneering reputation in Saudi Arabia and UAE and provides a range of products from different categories. It cares about its users by offering a Noon Customer Care Number for instant help that anyone can quickly get from this article.

Why Noon Customer Care Number is Essential?

The company offers a disciplined and helpful Noon customer care number, and its team is ready to reply to any inquiry or solve any issue. So anyone can get in touch with them via:

Email: care@noon.com

Help centerhttps://help.noon.com/hc/ar

Noon store needs to take care of its customers, so it provides them with Noon customer care number to check their problems and deal with them immediately. Noon Saudi Arabia contact numbers are essential tools while shopping. They facilitate the process and handle common issues, boosting confidence and loyalty to noon store.

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How to get Noon Customer Care Number?

When you visit Noon SA, you will find an email and help centre at the end of the page; you can use one. You can also contact Noon Online Store via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X. 

You can download the noon app on your smartphone and then access customer care service on your mobile device. You may need offline access to noon customer care contact by hotline: 16358

The store has an effective tool to help customers stay in touch with the call centre, its “noon customer care live chat,” which has the following features

  1. to facilitate communication between them.  
  2.  Real-time assistance.
  3. Deliver personalized or tailored service according to shopping history.
  4. Serve multiple customers at the same time.
  5.  Provide customers with frictionless ways of solving problems.

Noon customer service provides real-time reactions. It’s a conventional and simple way to get an instant response without going to stores, and that builds customers’ trust.

Why is Noon Customer Service important?

Customer service representatives can communicate with customers through multiple channels, respond to queries, resolve complaints, advise and serve customers, collect customer feedback, monitor customer satisfaction levels, and maintain a customer information database.

Noon customer care contact number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to receive any inquiries or complaints. The website supports Arabic and English to be accessible to everyone around the world.

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noon customer care number
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The Best Ways to Contact Noon Customer Service

When you contact Noon customer care number, you should explain your problem properly. Mention all details about your order to help them solve the problem efficiently and quickly. The complaint may take some time to be processed and solved, so be patient and await a response.

Noon seeks to keep customers by providing a helpful and highly skilled team to solve problems and deal with any issue or complaint, making them feel comfortable when shopping from noon. Check out Noon Promotion Code that is active on our website, Coupon5sm; it will grant you a matchless discount.

More to Know about Noon Customer Care

What kind of problems does Noon Customer Service deal with?

They make and receive phone calls or emails, take responsibility for solving customer issues, check service availability, process orders and transactions, analyze product malfunctions, respond to customer reviews, and handle customer returns.

Noon Return Policy

Noon provides returns within 15 days for eligible products attached to the shipment receipt, such as electronics with manufacturing defects. The products can only be accepted as returned once the customer is notified. Depending on the customer’s location, this process may take around a week, and it may take up to 14 business days to get a refund.

Eligible Returns Products

  • The product is in its original package, labelled and unopened.
  • The original box and attachments should remain in their original state.
  • Health and beauty products, perfumes, cosmetics, supplements and vitamins are not eligible for
  • return.

To get a refund, some policies should be applied first:

– Take a photo of the defective product.

– Take another one to the receipt you received while purchasing.

– Ensure all information about the date of purchase and price paid is clear, then send an email attached to the product photographs to customer service requesting a refund.


Customer care service is a valuable aspect of the online shopping experience. It supports confidence and loyalty between the store and customers, as well as achieving their satisfaction and solving problems efficiently. Customer service also involves helping clients discover products, review, rate, analyze, and report issues, saving customers time and providing an excellent shopping experience.

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