How to Enter a Code on Trendyol: A Step-by-Step Guide 2024

How to enter a code on Trendyol store?” with a step-by-step guide to show our customers the best way to apply discount codes on Trendyol store correctly. Trendyol is one of the most popular fashion markets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It’s famous for its equality products and reasonable prices that suit all categories.

Customers can find stylish pieces to make their appearance unique at affordable cost. All they need to do is enter a code on Trendyol while shopping. Whatever your style, make sure you will find the perfect piece for you, so start shopping using a code on trendyol items and enjoy wild discounts.

This guide is to show all customers who enjoy online shopping and have the desire to use coupon codes how they can enter a code on trendyol stores to get an immediate discount on the total order. This code helps them to save money and lower their purchasing budget, and in addition to that, it lets them add more pieces to the shopping bag with higher quality. So, we are here to help our users enter a code on Trendyol and use it ideally without any issues.

Discover The Types of Trendyol Discount Code

Learn more about Trendyol shopping with a code, different types of vouchers offered and how customers can get them.

  • Trendyol Discount Codes: These vouchers consist of letters and Numbers written in a specific form and can be found on our website.
  • Fixed amount or cashback: Some stores present a specific value on the total order, such as 50 SAR. 
  • Free shipping: Trendyol store provides free shipping for orders exceeding a certain amount, so customers should know the minimum number of orders to qualify for free shipping.
  • New user vouchers: Trendyol offers a special discount for new users, and the first order can be up to 50% off on all products.

Download Coupon5sm free app for Android and iOS so you can be able to Redeem code on Trendyol and use it to attain a substantial sale of up to 70%. The app will give you detailed information about a code on Trendyol and how to use it in a few simple steps.

using a code on trendyol

What are the Benefits of using a code on Trendyol?

The first priority for all users or shoppers is to save money and lower their budget when getting high-luxury products, so they are always looking for using a code on a trendyol store. So, to enter a code on a trendyol means being able to add more pieces to your cart, shop for higher quality items, get various styles, and so on with huge discounts. Also, customers can benefit from seasonal offers, exclusive deals on new releases, or limited pieces. They take the chance to pick up all Needs during offer time.

The ability to use a code on Trendyol encourages customers to shop from the store again, export positive Images about the brand, and give good reviews and feedback about the shopping experience.

How to Enter a Code in Trendyol Store?

  • First, you can select desired products and then add them to the shopping cart. 
  • Review your selected products and ensure that the quantities, sizes, colours, and Styles are as perfect as you want them to be.
  • Now it’s time to enter Trendyol code in the coupon area, then go to that checkout page.
  • Ensure that you apply the code correctly to verify the discount rate on the total amount.
  • Please refrain from miswriting, wrong letters, invalid codes, or failing to fulfil conditions.
  • Complete the process by reviewing your order from product shipping details and fees.
  • Proceed with the payment process by choosing a suitable method.
  • You can choose from Visa, Maestro, debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Remember to activate Trendyol checkout with code.

Drawbacks using free Vouchers

Some people don’t pay attention to valid or expired coupon codes, so they should read the terms and conditions before using them. They should also know the minimum number of orders they should exceed to get the discount rate.

There are some restrictions about specific categories that provide discounts on limited pieces, so please check these things before proceeding with orders. If you need any help with applying the coupon code or need to ask about something else, please feel free to contact Trendyol customer service team to solve your problem immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Multiple Trendyol Coupon Codes When Shopping?

Yes, of course, if you have more trendyol coupons, you can use them.

What Happens if I forget to use a Trendyol Coupon Code?

You will get a completely priced order.

Are there any Restrictions on using Trendyol Coupon Codes?

According to our website, there is no Expiration date for any Trendyol code, and it can be used multiple times to refer to family and relatives.


We previewed a step-by-step guide to Enter a Code on Trendyol and how customers can apply it. Please read the article in detail to learn all the information about applying coupon codes correctly. Stay tuned for the latest offers on our website, and check out new Trendyol coupon codes to maximize your savings and have a happy shopping experience.

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